Good Doctor (Korean Drama)


I think I like medical dramas XD

I already knew about Good Doctor last year when it started showing in Korea. But I didn’t really like the lead actor Joo Won coz he was very mean in another drama which I watched, King of Baking, Kim Takgu.. Check out his mean look in King of Baking:


FYI, Joo Won is the guy on the left. lol. The guy on the right (Yoon Shi Yoon) is the good one. Well, in the end Joo Won turned out to be a good guy in the drama. But guess the bad scenes were more than the good ones, haha.

Since early this year, I haven’t been watching dramas coz I was very caught up with Running Man. And suddenly, since start of 2014, my Funshion app stopped uploading Running Man episodes for dunno what reason. So I decided to watch a drama while hoping and wishing that Running Man will be up soon.

Decided to watch Good Doctor, since it was available for download on Funshion, and also Joo Won won some award for this drama. Shouldn’t be too shabby eh?

Oh there’s another guy i quite like in Good Doctor too.gooddoc3

His name is Joo Sang-wook. And I knew him through Running Man. haha! I saw Episodes 76, 77 and 169 where he appeared and he really can be quite hilarious – especially when he starts talking to himself in the car alone while driving to destinations. LOL.


He even takes selfies ok. Heehee.

Ya so i started watching Good Doctor, and boy i am so hooked onto it now!


Some parts are quite heart-wrenching coz the department these people work in is the children surgery as a mummy, seeing injured or sick children is quite a sad thing. But so far (I’ve watched about 8 episiodes) everything turned out pretty well. and the lead actress is quite good too – Moon Chae-won. This is the first time I am seeing her in dramas. Her acting is really not bad leh.

FYI, I am considered a Korean drama newbie. So many people, i still dunno 🙂

Think I will be able to finish this drama within this week. If you are considering a drama to watch, try Good Doctor 🙂


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