Mixed Rice Stall (Bishan Bus Interchange)

I simply must blog about this stall!

I seriously never take note of the name of the stall – they are situated right above Bishan Bus Interchange and I buy dinner from them at least twice a week.

It’s manned by a few regular chaps who are always smiley and very customer-oriented. They are always ready for a corny joke or two to every customer.

I am actually in a mad rush to go back home today (I am on the feeder bus now actually, haven reached home yet!) so my mum could go for a wedding dinner.

Then of all days, a last minute piece of work had to come in at 550pm. Thankfully buddy did half of it and me the other half. Remember what I said about work just a few days ago? This is what I hate lor!

So I rushed to take the train and then rushed to buy mixed rice jus now. While queueing, I was subconsciously glaring at one slow auntie before me who was taking forever to choose her dishes. My papaya face, if u know me, can be VERY PAPAYA.

My gaze fell upon the chap serving that slow auntie. He smiled at me and said “the next one is you!!”. I had to smile at that, cos he must have seen my long angry face haha and wanted to pacify me a bit.

I love good service and this little act of kindness had made my day right again. And it’s good service from a simple hawker mixed rice stall.


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