Fage Total Greek Yogurt (Classic with Honey)

The usual Fage Classic 200g tub which I buy all the time costs $4.95 – so expensive 😦 I was wondering if I should buy it at NTUC this morning and then I saw this:

The quantity is abt 2/3 of the 200g tub and it costs $3.45.. i think its okay, coz the 200g tub always leaves me sooo full. This size is a better size for me actually!


I ate only 1/3 of the honey – Fage yogurt tastes very good on its own already actually. With the honey, it’s a bonus 🙂


How’s your weight loss goals coming along people? Don’t give up ya?

Eat clean food as much as you can – clean food means food that’s not processed, not added with chemicals eg preservatives, food that’s in their original form. if you read food labels, and there is an ingredient that you do not recognize as food – don’t buy it.

Even if the label says it contains sugar – it may not be clean too – coz there are so many different kinds of sugar and some types are processed. I’m not very expert in reading labels yet actually.. I just try my best!

If you are trying out the Paleo diet, and you find it tough to give up dairy and grains, just chill and cut it out slowly one by one. Cutting all grains and dairy at one go – you will probably end up feeling very miserable (but some people can do it though lol). Singapore has too much temptations as a multi-racial country, with all kinds of delicious food available everywhere, literally. You probably have a coffee shop serving char kway teow and fried carrot cake just 5 minutes away from your place. Or a McDonald’s / KFC too.

I found it especially hard:

  • to cut out condensed milk in my afternoon coffee
  • to cut out my Anlene calcium powder in my daily morning coffee

What’s yours?

Even now, I am still not 100% Paleo. I still:

  • add a wee bit of soya sauce in my soft boiled eggs (especially when I eat them outside and there’s no sea salt)
  • eat my mum’s dishes (that has soya sauce too)
  • drink the brewed barley water that my mum makes weekly
  • and many others which I cannot remember offhand
  • sample my baby’s brown rice puffs / cereal / bread before I let her have it (I just take 1 very tiny bit just to make sure it tastes ok)

I have stopped exercising regularly, in case you are wondering. I haven’t been running or brisk walking although my knee and Achilles heel have more or less healed – I don’t dare try yet, maybe give it a bit more time first. I just do planks and squats (very minimal) at home before bedtime at least 3-4 times a week. So I really really depend on my Paleo diet to lose weight now.

Today I weighed myself – 55.9kg – I finally see the figure 55 hahaha!


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