Crappy Tuesday

Another bad day at work. Yes even though I get to go home nearly on time everyday, every minute between 9 to 6pm is stressful and very fast-paced.

Cannot be slow.

Cannot be inaccurate.

Cannot cao geng or act blur.

Cannot plan my work one. It’s 100% dependent on the number of emails that come in everyday. If an email comes in at 559pm, overtime begins. And if i happen to have a dinner date or need to rush back home – too bad. They’ll have to wait. This is what I hate most! Cos I have no idea which days I need to do overtime! I won’t know until 6pm everyday!

For other jobs, ur boss will tell u maybe in the afternoon that there’s a chance u have to stay late. At least u got some time to inform ur family that u will work late that day and then can make arrangements.

My job cannot one lor.

It’s not frequent that this happens though. That’s why I managed to stay in this job for so long lol.

Or maybe I am just too picky and demanding?


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