Paleo fight continues

I haven been exactly following the Paleo diet very strictly a few days ago when I first started the challenge, Mainly because I went for the hot pot at Hai Di Lao with hubby 2 days ago too – although I didn’t have anything un-Paleo, I definitely over-ate!

Oh and their condiments probably contained an overload of salt and sugar. And maybe some soya sauce?

I will be good today.

At Thomson plaza Kopitiam now – and I jus had two soft boiled eggs and now I’m basically just whiling my time away with my fat-burning iced Oolong tea waiting for Al to finish her tuition 2 hours later. It’s her first class today after the holiday break and I’m real glad to resume my free two hours of own time!

I’ll be going for a slow shopping trip at NTUC Fairprice Finest soon too. Gotta get bread, Scott’s Emulsion, and maybe slowly hunt for some Paleo treats 🙂

and I managed to do a 1.5 minute plank plus 20 squats last night before I went to bed ^_^ I really have been keeping exercises to a minimum – focusing on Paleo exercises and Pilates abs exercises. I’m happy to report that I’m finally able to go down the stairs (but not too fast though) without any pain!

Hopefully I can do brisk walking and light running during the Safari Run in mid Feb?


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