Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅 (Clarke Quay) – Food Review

Hubby and I were on leave today as we had to attend orientation at Al’s new school premises. As it was her first day of school as well as her first day taking school bus, we had a busy morning getting her ready. Alas, the school bus also cocked up and was very late as well.

Murphy’s 2nd law – whatever can go wrong, will go wrong! Ha.

After sending her up the school bus, hubby and I hurriedly drove off to her school to attend the orientation. I love Al’s primary school – they really take care of the kids well!

Ok fast forward. Orientation ended at 3pm and after running an errand, we reached Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at about 430pm.

We parked at Clarke Quay basement carpark. Hai Di Lao was at block D.

Cannot miss. Sorry for the hazy pic – I think my lens was dirty *oops*

It’s located on the second floor – and here’s another big poster showing the way right outside the lift.

And.. This is the lift. XD

Outside the lift – wearing a h&m basic dress, with cotton on flats and my Esprit hobo 🙂 super simple outfit cos I only had like 3 min to change before heading out =_=

Once we got in, we immediately were seated, was given two hot towels to freshen up, and was given this iPad to start ordering.

The waitress patiently explained to us how to go about ordering our food. It’s quite simple and self-explanatory actually!

We ordered the seafood and tomato soup bases. I would have ordered spicy mala but I’m having a sore throat – so hubby didn’t allow 😦

While waiting for our food, I took a few pics. The Caucasians opposite us must be feeling very amused at how I just kept on snapping pics without stopping!

The soup bases came with quite a number of ingredients, to our pleasant surprise. The tomato soup base had mushrooms and tomatoes in it while the seafood soup base had prawns and mussels in it! Impressive and generous!

You can opt to pay $3 for free flow of Liang Teh (which I chose), sour plum drink (which hubby chose) and some other drink. The Liang Teh was really good, not too sweet and tasted herbal enough. And I love free flow drinks in steamboat cos I always drink a lot :X

Their condiments and fruits counter was also quite impressive – here’s my concoction of their featured chilli sauce, with some chilli padi, coriander and spring onion.

Here’s the counter! They have the most extensive amount of condiments I’ve ever seen among all steamboat restaurants.

This is my second concoction – with hoi sin sauce, lots of garlic, fermented beancurd sauce, a bit of their featured chilli sauce, and vinegar. Much nicer haha.

Part of their customer service – providing a cloth to cover my bag so it won’t get stained. The other restaurant I know that does this is Din Tai Fung.

They also gave me a plastic cover for my iPhone and a spectacle cloth in case my spectacles get stained. Nowhere else in Singapore does this I believe?

This is a very thoughtful invention – a stand where you can hook your ladles while you cook the food in the soup! No need to use your hands and hold the ladles while waiting for the food to cook!! Amazing right lol!

And if the above isn’t impressive enough, check this out. A cot in the restaurant. For babies who wanna take a nap.

Their fringe activities / facilities while you wait for your table:

A spacious and clean play area for kids.

Manicure service.

Huge and comfortable waiting area with snacks and board games.

They really seem to have just 1 objective in their mind – to make their customer happy. That’s the true spirit in customer service!

Ok, on to the food Liao!

Big intestines – juicy and QQ. By the way the portions we ordered were all 0.5 portions ie Half portions – u gotta choose 0.5 on the iPad menu. Just nice for 2 pax!

Lotus roots!

Pig liver. I still prefer Crystal Jade Steamboat’s pig liver.

Cabbage that looked too perfect. Haha.

Heehee the Caucasians opposite us ordered some handmade noodles and the master came out to do it live! Interesting 🙂 it’s kinda funny.

Is he taking a video of me?? Angle looks like it’s aiming at me isn’t it??

The master’s movements were so fast…

No we didn’t order this – I don’t take starch. Hubby was happy with a bowl of plain rice.

Mutton slices – very good! We ordered twice.

Beef – also vvvv good.

Some people who know me will know that I love to try weird food. They had duck gizzards and I obviously ordered it haha. I’ve eaten duck gizzards before at duck rice stalls.. But I’ve never cooked them.

So I realized today, that u cannot cook them for just a while and eat them. U put them inside for a very long time – then it will be tender. Haha.

Prawns – big and fresh!

A waitress came over to us and asked “Would you like me to deshell the prawns for you?”

Hubby and I looked at each other in amusement and I replied “No thanks”. Coz hubby prefers to cook the prawns with the shell on – the flesh moisture gets retained in the shell and somehow tastes nicer after u cook it.

After she left, hubby went “she might as well go on to say ‘Would you like me to feed you?‘…” ROFL.

Really, they were just short of feeding us every spoonful la. haha. *clap clap for another amusing but thoughtful act of service*

Black pork slices – hubby loved it!

See how firm the prawns flesh is.

And… We didn’t have enough. So took a second order 🙂

It’s like, purchasing iPhone app. U don’t know how much u purchase until u see your credit card bill next month.

Swine throat. I asked the lady how to eat it. She said I gotta cook it for just a while. I experimented and found out the best possible timing to leave it in the pot so it’s crunchy and not to rubbery.

Swipe it through the length of the steamboat THRICE only. Right left right. Then eat. Four times – rubbery.

Swine throat itself tastes very bland. It’s the texture that’s interesting.

Pissing beef balls. Very good – I like it.

Pork belly – hubby thought its a bit tough. Yup give us the black pork slices anytime!

My question to you is – did the two of us eat a lot? I was nicely full after this. Hubby too. We didn’t eat until we burst. And this came up to $122. 0_o

Went for a toilet trip before we left.

Saw this on the door inside the toilet.

“On your special day of that month, pls approach our staff should you require any pads.”

Another thoughtful gesture 🙂

Another poster indicating the stuff they have to freshen u up eg moisturizer, comb etc.

And the butt warming toilets u see in Korea, u see them here too.

And their hand washing area. Clean and sweet.

Really got nothing bad to say leh. Haha. They got it all covered! It’s pricey cos it’s ala carte – that’s the only downside. Service is impeccable. Even the servers who take out the raw food to your table – says a “请慢用” (means “please enjoy”) without fail!

Will I go again?

Yes I will. They open until 3am!

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