Chinese New Year Day 1

Seriously exhausted. Am refused to let me out of her sight. I was literally carrying her all day, apart from my meals and when hubby carried her for short whiles (when she allowed it).

Shall use the carrier tomorrow.


Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

It was the best one I’ve ever had.

Cos we had spicy mala steamboat & it tasted exactly the same as the ones in steamboat restaurants ๐Ÿ™‚

I bought the instant packet from Shine Korea supermarket (brand is Dan Dan) located at Keypoint and just dumped it into the boiling stock.

Walah. Looks damn good ya? It wasn’t very spicy and it was so fragrant!! Nice man! I didn’t even need my chilli dip so much.

As usual, it was a sumptuous spread ๐Ÿ™‚

And of course before we started our dinner, we had our usual louhei!

It’s always a fun thing to do ๐Ÿ™‚

To a prosperous and colourful 2014!

We got home at about 1015pm, both Al and Am probably were walking in their dreams already lol. Actually me too, but the night was still young for me. I had to set up the CNY goodies corner!

Our goodies filled up the entire 3-seater sofa. Siao right..

So I unpacked the nuts and poured them into Tupperware containers.. Cut up the BBQ pork bak kwa and put them into containers as well… And I was finally done at 1?

There! Looks nice eh ๐Ÿ™‚

Chinese New Year Eve – before dinner

I had barely a few hours of sleep and off I went to work for half a day in the office. People in my office started leaving at 12 plus but my buddy and I couldn’t leave until 1pm coz we had to standby until 1pm. It was so annoying lor, we were actually busy leh! CNY Eve Liao still busy!

Then at 1250pm, a search request came in and annoyed the heck out of me. At 1258pm, I clicked the Send button and told my buddy “I’m going, bye.” Sibei buay tahan!

Anyway next year onwards, I’ll take leave at least 3 days before to help my mum with food preparation and last minute shopping.

And the day had only just begun.

Hubby picked me up from work and we took one whole hour to get to Thomson Plaza. All because of a stupid blue car that broke down inside Kg Java tunnel. Seriously, no money to maintain car, don’t drive k.

I feel like a cao auntie ranting away already. Bad start to CNY 2014 haha.

The good thing that came out of it was that we managed to get most of the food for our steamboat dinner on Day 2 – phew. Load off my mind!

Now my freezer is full house!

Senseless murders in Faroe Islands Denmark

I am sure you have seen this on Facebook.

You see people watching other people killing some big fishes on the shore. This fish is called the Calderon dolphin. Friendly creatures that swim up to shore with no intention to harm.

And they got killed by men who just wanna prove they got balls.

(wanna prove you got balls – just strip naked lor)

I am really not very sure if this article is really accurate or if it’s telling the truth, coz it’s just too unbelieveably wrong and senseless – i simply cannot believe that there are still such uneducated and brainless people around in this world! Pics don’t tell lies though. I see people killing them. I see spectators watching on, seeminglyย in the name of fun, like it’s a good live show.

I tell myself – fishermen who fish for a living also kill fish mah, farmers who rearย cowsย also kill them mahย – for a so-called valid reason – for food. It’s all part of the life cycle. However on the other extreme side, there are people who do not eat animals simply because they think it’s cruel. I personally stopped eating sharks fin some years ago after I realised how sharks are hunted for their fins. But sometimes I feel like a hyprocrite – coz I am still eating all other kinds of meat and they are all animals too.

Getting back to the main topic, this issue ought to be brought up, escalated, publicized! I know my minute presence, this one post will probably not amount to much.. *helpless*

Eve of Chinese New Year Eve!

I worked only afternoon today and after work, I rushed back home so my mum could make her ngor hiong.


Today’s weather was quite warm so I wore lesser lol.. Looking quite slim in the pic.. But after today’s shabu shabu buffet, I’m getting worried.

Tomorrow night also eat steamboat dinner. Argh. I shall eat much lesser on Day 1.. Day 2 also eating quite a lot cos my relatives are coming over my place for dinner – another steamboat dinner!!

And so yes, my mum needed to make ngor hiong.

I have no idea what are the proportions. I just helped her chop non stop! Chop prawns into mince, chop garlic and onions into mince, chop water chestnuts into tiny bits.

And then, I mixed it all up! The smell was heavenly!

Then my mum did the wrapping. You gotta put in the correct portion so that it will taste PERFECT.

And so I was staring at her do it lor.

My hands are aching from all the chopping. But I love doing such things!! Haha.

I got to work half day tomorrow morning, then going NTUC with hubby to get steamboat stuff for Day 2 dinner with my relatives at my place.. It’s gonna be mad crowded.. Argh.

Talking about mad crowded at NTUC – I was there last night at 10pm (they close at 11pm due to festive season) to get groceries to last over the long weekend. When I reached there, I realized there were no trolleys.

I asked a staff there and she said “oh all the guys went home and the trolleys are all in the carpark”.

What the?! Then open until 11 for what?!

LL lor, I went to the carpark to get a trolley.. I was thinking in my mind “fine, u make me waste my time and energy going to the carpark to get the trolley right? U r going to stay beyond 11pm tonight to key in my purchases!!!!”

(But when I finished getting the stuff, it was about 1045pm and i was so exhausted that I just forgot all about making them stay beyond 11pm)

The plentiful trolleys at the carpark.

My trolley full of stuff!!

I think it’s gonna be bad tomorrow at NTUC. Hmm perhaps I should view it positively and just enjoy the jostling! Lol.

Follow wendylimwendy on Dayre!

I actually created this account on the last day of 2013.. But I wasn’t sure if I could post regularly yet, so didn’t share on my blog.

But now, I’ve got quite a few things in there! Although not as frequent as this blog, but u get to see different things in there coz I post really short and impromptu stuff in there ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow me and I’ll follow u back k?

My Dressabelle dress arrived!

This is size L and it’s loose – I’m happy! My first denim dress – material is not bad, quite thick!

I actually ordered another dress which wasn’t in the package. After sending enquiry, Dressabelle replied that the piece had a defect and asked me to choose another piece. I did and now I am hoping it will come BY THURSDAY. So I can wear for CNY!

Let’s see ๐Ÿ™‚

I love my new Maybelline lip colour – Peachy Scene! There was a sale at Watsons where I can buy 2 items and get 1 item free. When I saw it last Saturday, I immediately CHIONG-ED into watsons and quickly bought 2 of my mineral powder refills and got this lipstick free!! ๐Ÿ™‚ it was $17.90 leh!

New lip colour for CNY heehee.

Hope my weight will remain at 55 until CNY too.. ๐Ÿ™‚