Resolutions 2014

It has been a good last-day-of-2013 and first-day-of-primal-challenge so far 🙂

The weighing scale this morning gave me a very nice 56.4kg, my blueberries tasted extra sweet and my steamed salmon tasted extra fatty during breakfast – YUM. I also managed to drink my coffee without sugar!

On to my resolutions for tomorrow onwards. Should I do a few, or many? Let’s see what my bird brain can remember now bah.

1) Become an independent driver.

I’ve driven twice after graduation, both are medium to long distances. I am quite glad that when I was learning, I always have 2 lessons at one go i.e. 4 hours non-stop driving. So now I don’t get tired at all when driving haha. But the two times I drove, hubby was with me like my driving instructor – I could ask him what’s next and what to do. I think I will need him many times more before I can be steady enough to be on my own totally.

I hope to drive as frequently as I can – at least twice a week for now, to my mil’s place, and to church for a start. Then after I feel more confident, I will handle both to and fro journeys to mil’s place and church. 🙂 And when time permits on weekday evenings, I can try driving at night.

2) Hit my ideal weight of 50kg and maintain at 50kg.

Haha actually my goal is 55kg, but I think it will be good to hit 50 so there’s some buffer? I’ve lost 7.5 kg in 3 months so far – I was 64kg after my second child and now I am 56.5kg. I am giving myself 2014 to lose another 6.5 kg to reach 50kg.

Methods I am using – both diet and exercise. To be specific:

  • Paleo Diet – you can check out Mark’s 21-Day Challenge which I have started today
  • Squat Exercise
  • Plank Exercise
  • Pilates Abs Exercise

3) Get a paid domain for this blog.

It will be a dream come true if could be mine. Actually it CAN be mine now – I just pay a sum of money every year. But before I do that, I want to achieve a minimum of maybe 500 unique views a day first – reasonable?

Of course, I will need all your support. Yes you You YOU! *POINT HERE POINT THERE & EVERYWHERE*

I want this blog to provide useful information, to help you achieve your weight loss goals, to help you know more about Singapore restaurants, to help you know more about life in Singapore. My Paleo weight loss journey in the city of Singapore has been nothing short of amazing – and anyone can do it too, if you want it bad enough! ^_^

Continue with me on this journey to 50kg weight goal and beyond!


Let’s keep it to 3 for now – there are a few more things I would like to see come to pass in 2014 – but it’s quite uncertain now so I won’t mention.

No, having a 3rd child isn’t one of them.


Finally, I would like to say thank you for visiting and reading wendylimwendy!


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