The Primal Blueprint 21-day Challenge

U have not heard me talk about my weight loss for some time now. Ever since my last post on getting injured when running about 2 weeks ago, I’ve not blogged much about my weight loss journey. I think it’s high time to bring it up again!

My current weight – 57kg. Frankly, I am not sure if this is accurate, mainly because Al has done a couple of jumps on my weighing scale and I wonder if it’s still reporting accurate figures. But I guess I am not far off from 57kg. Max I am 58kg?

My current exercise routine – just Pilates crunches – minimum 100 a day. Sometimes I’ll add in 30 crunches, other days maybe 20 squats, and occasionally a 1.5 minute plank. Very light routine now. I still have problems going up and down the stairs *sigh* and my right ankle hurts a bit when i walk. ARGH. It’s frustrating.

My current diet – still quite Paleo 🙂 with occasional cheat days when there are dinner appointments. But I’m still staying off grains totally on a strict basis (in Asian context, I avoid rice, noodles, bread, pasta at all costs). I’ve been eating lots of Greek Yogurt though, coz it’s a very easy and yummy meal. And I do not count calories anymore. I think I am not losing as much weight coz I’ve been eating lots of fruits i.e. sugar.

And so….before Chinese New Year arrives exactly 30 days later, I am going to embark on The Primal Blueprint 21-day Challenge. Which fits in just nice before CNY!


  • Eat real food i.e. unprocessed, raw, whole.
  • Avoid sugar, grains, unhealthy fats, beans/legumes.
  • Align carb intake with your weight goals and activity levels.
  • Move frequently at a slow pace: Get between 2-5 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.
  • Lift heavy things: Conduct 1-3 brief, intense sessions of full-body  functional movements.
  • Sprint: Go “all out” once a week.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Get 15 minutes of direct sun exposure each day.
  • Play! Find time to let go, disconnect, unwind and have fun each day.


Meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, high quality fats, a moderate intake of high-fat dairy products (if you’re lactose tolerant) and occasional sensible indulgences such as red wine and dark chocolate.

This is what I CANNOT eat:

  • Grains, sugars, sweetened beverages
  • Industrial and polyunsaturated oils: Trans and partially-hydrogenated fats (from heavily processed snack or frozen foods);  deep-fried menu items (from fast-food joints), assorted packaged snacks and baked goods (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.), margarine-type spreads, and bottled vegetable  oils (canola, corn, safflower, etc.) promote oxidation and inflammation,  setting the stage for cancer and heart disease.
  • Beans and other legumes: Beans,  lentils, peanuts, peas,  and soy products contain antinutrients that compromise digestion, immune function, and general health. The highly-touted fiber in beans is problematic, and the carbohydrate content in all legumes is high enough to warrant cutting or eliminating them in the interest of moderating insulin production.
  • Dairy: Most commercial dairy products are unhealthy for  everyone – laden with hormones and other impurities. Organic butter and heavy cream are the preferred forms of dairy, if you are lactose  tolerant.

Basically, i am on this diet now, only less strict i.e.

  • I eat a McNugget or two when Hubby orders MacDelivery
  • I add a wee bit of dark soya sauce in my soft-boiled eggs
  • I add a bit of unrefined raw brown sugar into my afternoon coffee
  • I eat a lot of bananas and grapes lol
  • I eat my girl’s leftover stir fried beef in dark soya sauce

So, the challenge for me is to be 100% Paleo with weight loss as priority! Instead of what I cannot eat, let’s narrow down to what I shall eat everyday – coz it’ll be easier to shop at the supermarket 🙂

  1. Greek Yogurt (full fat type, cos it means it’s not processed – Fage Classic, Farmers Union)
  2. Berries (all sorts – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  3. Steamed fish (lots of salmon and some other varieties)
  4. Steamed chicken breast
  5. Steamed vegetables (if i have time to prepare)
  6. My mum’s soups (pork rib soup base, but will not drink if corn is the main ingredient)
  7. Eggs (Hard boiled / soft boiled)
  8. 99% dark chocolate
  9. Oolong Tea
  10. Coffee (no sugar, no milk)

Starting from tomorrow until 20 January 2014. And I shall not weigh myself during this 21 days – what say u? 🙂


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