Saizeriya at Liang Court – Food Review

After the horrible experience at Gain City Expo 2014 of waiting for 2.5 hours just to get a rice cooker in the end (see post right before this), we hurried home without lunch.

I had some Greek yoghurt with honey and hubby had some apple slices at home. So both of us were ravenous by dinner time.

We went to Liang court in hope to get a cheap TV at Audio House (they have some promotion too), so we settled dinner first at Saizeriya located on the 2nd level. We had wanted to eat at the food court at ground level, but it had become Uniqlo.. =_= even Kraze Burger is gone and some Japanese restaurant has replaced it.

We were there at about 715? And it wasn’t full house – we managed to get table immediately.

Think we over ordered, cos the bill came up to be $70! Haha. If u haven been to Saizeriya before, lemme tell u this – it’s quite difficult to overspend at Saizeriya cos their prices are really low!

After our order, this mushroom soup and our smoked salmon came immediately. Yes maybe at most 1 minute after the order-taker left! Amazing! This soup was for Al, and she finished every drop of it 🙂

Two huge slices of smoked salmon for just $3.90!

Chicken wings – I had one.. Very oily >_< but damn tasty lol.

Focaccia bread with garlic butter. Both my mum and Al loved it and finished it all up! It was $2.20. By the way, I’m still on Paleo diet, so anything made with grains – I didn’t touch.

Asari clams for $3.90 – I think this is one of the most value-for-money items in the restaurant 🙂

These escargots were soaked in butter, fattening.. But they cost just $5.90… Or was it $6.90? Doesn’t matter – Cheap right!

Sautéed spinach with bacon –
It tasted slightly spicy to my surprise. It was good! Just that the spinach seemed quite smashed.. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that.

Hubby’s sirloin steak $11.90 – the priciest item in our receipt – in medium – he thought it was quite ok!

My mum’s grilled fish fillet for $7.90 – the fish was quite big I thought.

My grilled salmon in spicy tomato sauce $8.90 – I passed the potatoes and corn to hubby and mum. The salmon was quite dry though. Or maybe I’m too used to steaming it haha.

And lastly, Al’s mushroom pasta – the portion was huge! Hubby had to help finish it for Al.

Didn’t we over order?! We did right?

But we finished nearly everything leh – lol. We were really hungry!

The service was super prompt and good! Smiley and patient front of house staff – thumbs up 🙂


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