Learning Driving at ComfortDelgro Driving Centre

The place I have been to the most for the past 3 months, besides home and office, is none other than ComfortDelgro Driving Centre. After passing my Final Theory on 4 October 2013, I immediately embarked on my practical lessons on 8 October 2013. I was quite hardcore, initially clocking 4 lessons a week in October, then slowing down to 2 lessons a week in November and December.

And today was my Practical Test.


My warm up session was at 10am and I reached at 830am, coz hubby fetched me there before he went off to work. I bought 2 soft boiled eggs and a coffee while I looked through the assessment checklist.

Strike kerb – 10 points.

Mount kerb – immediate failure.

-_- very scary leh. Reading thru the checklist helped a bit in a sense that i know what i couldn’t do, but it didn’t calm my nerves at all.

I went into the warm-up room at 945am and was promptly brought to my test car number 422 for a warm up session. Everything went pretty okay. Just that… when i went out to the road and was going to turn right at the traffic light junction…

I encountered my 1st road bully.

He cut into my lane from the right very abruptly (when i was on the right-most lane ok) and hence my instructor honked at him. That chap got out of the car, faced us and beckoned us to go out of the car!! I was like – WOW. I wasn’t really intimidated or worried actually, but just maybe frozen to my seat and i didn’t know what to do. My instructor was telling me to lock the door when that chap got out of the car, but my hands didn’t obey the command – i just couldn’t move ahaha. So my warm up instructor and I just stared at him and his angry face…

and that angry chap, after 2 seconds, went back into his car, turned right and drove off.

LOL. and life goes on wahahah.

The warm up session ended in 30 minutes and I went into the waiting area with about 5 other testees. I think I am the oldest? The rest are all 18-21? haha. i thought to myself, it will be very lao kui if me the lao auntie doesn’t pass.

Finally the door opened, a tester peeked in and called out my name. Acting cute, i raised my hand and followed him.

And, after a grueling 45 minutes test (I nearly struck the kerb while doing vertical parking but thankfully my corrections saved the day), I was led to a room on the second floor in the driving centre where I knew I would get my results.

The kindly looking tester printed out a piece of A4 sized paper and sat opposite me. I saw the demerit points I got.




The tester went on to tell me about the areas i needed to improve. I went “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Yes Sir, Thank You Sir” and eventually he said “I passed you”!

Seriously, I wasn’t sure at all that I would pass on first attempt coz very few people do pass on first attempt according to the stories I hear from friends. Except for hubby who passed on first attempt, I don’t think i know anyone else who pass on first attempt!

And, actually I am not super excited or high or thrilled that I passed, just very relieved that this is finally over and I don’t have to go to the driving centre anymore. Was telling hubby “Please don’t make me learn anything anymore…” in the car when he came to pick me up.


Got this at the driving centre while waiting for hubby to pick me up 🙂 Yes the next fear is actually getting used to driving on the road along with all sorts of drivers..

And we went to Bibigo at my office lobby for lunch – had my spicy chicken stew again haha.


Here’s my happy face!

A special thanks to Lawrence Goh who was my driving instructor for most of my lessons, and also Andy Kuah and Davin James Cook for giving me their last few tips nearing the end of my lessons. They have been very patient and helpful during this entire 3 months!


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