Matsuri Japanese Gourmet Alley (Resorts World at Sentosa) – Food Review

Hubby, Al and I found this dinner place after our day at USS. It was empty compared to other restaurants, so in we went!

We ordered this set to share, along with chawanmushi, sashimi, and an extra bowl of rice. It looked quite worth it!

The menu was… A bit too messy for me. Very packed with items.

A must have for me – wasabi πŸ™‚

The restaurants at rws all have high ceilings, I like it.

I think the outlet is new? The staff all look new, like still in training.

Our sashimi. Looks not too bad – thick slices.

This for $18 I think. Yay or nay?

Chawanmushi for Al.

Crab meat sushi – looks good – the crab meat is a lot compared to the amount of rice. But hubby said the rice tasted a bit too vinegar-ish.

The teriyaki set arrived shortly. This tempura basket looked vastly different from the picture..

The chicken was good though. Lots of slightly charred skin!

Everything was enough for us! Just that there was this new staff who tried to clear our table. Al was still eating her tempura prawn and was using one of the plates amidst other obviously empty plates. This new staff was asking us one by one if she could clear each plate =_= it was obvious she was new hence I just let her be. *shrugs* they need more training!

I find it a bit pricey, in my opinion. Will rather visit din tai fung upstairs, only that it’s always so crowded!


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