Christmas Eve at Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

Non-working days are usually busier days than working days for me.. Hence the lack of posts! I miss blogging already.

Ahh.. Before I forget, MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 EVERYBODY! A huge thank you and a wet loud kiss to all you readers!


Yup my family and I are staying home on Christmas Day today. Maybe will just go out for dinner later at Thomson Plaza Kopitiam (I love the double-boiled soup there!). Cos I assume everywhere outside is crowded eh?

And also because Hubby, Al and I had quite enough Christmas fun at Universal Studios yesterday!

USS was so nicely dolled up for the festive season 🙂

The crowd was quite okay, manageable.. Breathable.. 🙂

During this festive period, USS has got the special minion mascots from Despicable Me to take pictures with everyone! They are at the Hollywood area and will appear regularly, taking turns with the other characters.

And of course, they also sell Despicable Me merchandise!

We reached USS at about 2. Hubby and I were hungry so we went to Louie’s Pizza parlour for some lunch. Yeah it wasn’t exactly my sort of diet.. Actually in USS, there isn’t much food that suits my diet! I had a mini drumstick and a giant slice of margherita pizza 😉


I wished we could order a whole pan though.. Everyone else was doing that! Oh well.

We ordered this Couple Deal $36 that comes with 2 slices pizza, 4 mini drumsticks, mushroom soup, coffee pudding and a big long bottle of soft drink. We get to keep that long bottle and can get refills anywhere in USS for just $2!

After the carbo heavy lunch, we were ready for RIDES!

The queues were really quite crazy yesterday. We had annual passes with universal express, and actually had to queue for quite a while too.

One of the rides at Sci fi city – Accelerator.

Actually our all time favourite thing to do at USS has to be the Monster Rock show. Al must watch it everytime we are there. The show isn’t exactly the same everytime we watch it – the cast will do different little actions everytime even though the storyline is the same. And the cast are different all the time too haha. And we all love the songs! Gonna miss it when our annual pass ends next June.

Actually we have visited USS no less than 5 times since getting the annual pass this June. Al enjoys it everytime when we go there and surprisingly is not bored YET. The additional Universal Express to our annual pass makes every visit even more fun cos we don’t have to queue haha 🙂 we treat it as a place to shower some good attention on Al!

At about 620pm, we went to watch the special Sesame Street Saves Christmas stage show.

There was already a large crowd in front of the stage when we reached there, but thankfully we secured an unblocked view at the side.

The whole show was so cool because the real Big Bird was on stage! I was so awed by Big Bird! Never thought I would see the real thing haha!

And in the end, the whole building behind the stage got lit up! So nice!

Finale song 🙂 love all of them 🙂

And in the end, there was snow too! Yah not the real snow la.. It’s snow made of soap bubbles.. But it does look pretty real. Al was so excited lol. Time to plan for a winter time trip soon 😉

As we caught the earliest show and it ended by 730pm, we managed to have dinner before going home 🙂

A day well spent! Thanks to my mum who was at home with Am!!


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