Shine Korea Supermarket

My church, Hope Singapore, is located at Textile Centre (Jalan Sultan). And just 2 buildings away, at Keypoint Building, is Shine Korea Supermarket. And so after lunch yesterday at Keypoint, I went shopping at Shine Korea 😛

My food choices are very limited now, so I skipped the entire instant noodles and chips sections. I got these for myself:


Dark Chocolates – they come in cute little bit sizes – very convenient 🙂


Kimchi seaweed for my frequent savoury craving attacks.


And i couldn’t resist getting Mak Gul Li!!! Expensive – $14.00.. but it’s very nice 🙂 Hmm but i have not yet checked if it’s Paleo..


It is made from a fermented mixture of wheat and rice!! *FAINT*

Hmm but it’s fermented – can anot leh?



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