Too tired to exercise last night

When I got home after caroling, I had a quick shower and made Am sleep. Wanted to do squats and crunches (I had a few chicken nuggets argh) but eventually decided not to after doing 2 squats.

I needed to crash. Caroling the whole evening is quite tiring after all!

Here’s a pic of me with Julie yesterday during caroling.

The 3 families we went to all prepared food for us! Yum.

Al had a smashing time during the traveling cos she had Jun En to play with in the car – which I tot (on hindsight) was really essential to a fun session for kids. We went from Boon Lay to Choa Chu Kang to Balestier – quite long rides each time. Imagine the kid is alone in the car – he or she will probably get cranky and keep asking the parent “Are we there yet?” Haha.

So Jun En and Alethea literally ignored the 5 adults in the car and were in their own kiddo world chatting, playing games and giggling away.

It’s now 8am. I’m hungry..


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