Giving thanks

It has been a busy week.

Yet, I know of some people who are way busier / in a worser state than me. For that, I give thanks.

I worked half day today and went for driving lessons in the afternoon. I always drive from 230pm to 6pm (2 lessons back to back) so it’s super tiring. Then I had to buy dinner back, rush thru my dinner so I can take care of the kids. Being parents is never easy – taking care of kids is such a huge responsibility.

Talking abt kids, hubby took the day off today and brought Al to the library and BookFest. Al, an avid reader, apparently enjoyed herself reading the day away today. Borrowed 6 books and bought another 5 storybooks from BookFest! Hubby spent over $200 at BookFest today on P2 assessments books, English and Chinese storybooks, magazine subscriptions (National Geographic kids and Science adventure) and stationery. A day well SPENT in every aspect lol!

Tomorrow Hui Mee will be on leave and I’ll be super busy – hope many people in my office will be on leave tomorrow too, so I won’t receive many emails 😉

I had Fage Classic Greek Yogurt for breakfast today again – so thick and creamy! But it’s so expensive >.<

And I bought Ayam Brand Coconut milk as a dairy substitute for my coffee too!

Tasted much better than if I put almond milk! I added in a bit of sugar too – looks like I gotta find a Paleo substitute for sugar??

And I received so many presents today from my neighbour colleagues (colleagues sitting around me). The above bracelet is one of them, and there’s 2 moisturizers (Sephora and Crabtree), 1 Picard coin pouch and a set of Guerlain miniature perfume! I will be going Christmas shopping this Sunday – the only time I’m free to do shopping =.= seriously no idea what to buy!

My neighbour colleagues are lovely people. Muacks muacks. Hard to find nice colleagues don’t u think. They are gonna be dearly missed should there be a day I leave the company or I transfer to another department.

The question is, when?


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