Steamed chicken breast with ginger

the chicken breast had been lying in my freezer for the past 2 weeks, so i decided to bring it to work today for my breakfast and lunch. It’s a 300g packet of chicken breast – so i gotta split it into 2 meals.


I put some delicious ginger sauce on top.


There – this is the brand I bought from NTUC Finest – Soup Restaurant Samsui Ginger Sauce. If you have been to the restaurant, I am sure u have tried their famous Samsui Chicken? 🙂


and tadah – my lunch is ready! Sorry it looked ugly coz I had to tear the chicken breast apart in the midst of steaming so the insides would cook properly 😛

In case u are wondering how come i can cook my own food in the office – I have my own mini steamer on my desk where I can steam food as and when I like at work. I can steam whole eggs, fish, chicken, or heat up yesterday’s food. It’s very convenient and quick!

and my colleague was taking orders for soon kueh today, hence i ordered 4 soon kueh, 1 gu chye kueh and 2 deep fried popiah for the family!


This vendor apparently delivers very often to my office – it’s the second time i bought from them heehee.


and yay, i got a Christmas present from my director woohoo. Will show pics of the present soon 🙂


I think my office lift mirrors make me look slimmer. haha. I weighed myself this morning – 57.5kg. not much movement there.

Going Thomson Plaza to get Christmas presents tonight 🙂


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