Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine (Crowne Plaza Hotel) (Food Review)

Today I was just hunting for a Chinese New Year reunion dinner venue and then I remembered my reunion early this year at Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine (Crowne Plaza Hotel). And hey I still have the pics!

Lao Yu Sheng with plenty of thick salmon slices!

无辣不欢! Means, won’t be happy without spicy chilli sauce!

Will always order this when we are there. The roast pork is very good!

There, the roast pork as focus!

This was their homemade tofu with spinach and mushrooms – also very good but I won’t order again cos I will wanna try other things 😉

Roast chicken. Frankly I cannot remember if it was good. It was probably okay?

This was the unforgettable one. Truffle noodles – my ex boss from tiger airways introduced this to me, and I was immediately hooked! Pls try if u go there! 🙂

I remembered that the dinner was enjoyable and the staff were professional and nice. And I also remember telling my mum that it wasn’t expensive compared to the previous year’s reunion set dinner we had at Thomson Plaza’s Peach Garden (horribly tiny portions) haha!

Next year, I will be going Gim Tim for my reunion dinner! Better make reservations tomorrow!


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