Announcement – I have to stop running for a while..

Until my Achilles tendon stop hurting 😦

Actually it started hurting a while ago, but it wasn’t serious and it was on and off. Usually it will hurt when I start running, then goes away after 5 minutes. But yesterday after my run, I had problems walking today.

And jus now, I went to the gym again…

I decided to do a brisk walk.

So for the first 20 minutes, I started walking at a speed of 4kph, then slowly increased until a max of 7.5kph. And I was also exercising my arms by doing the body combat punches and upward elbow jabs.

Then I attempted to do a really super light run at 6.5kph, for about 10 minutes.

Bad move. The tendon started hurting again. Until I had to stop at 35 minutes.

After my shower, I was limping slightly.

Looks like I better rest eh. Getting injured isn’t a joke.

Sigh. Was just telling Belle that Murphy’s law just had to happen. Then she told me there’s another law.

Whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong.



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