I’ve expanded! :(

My bra and dresses are tighter! Boohoo! Think the greenhouse buffet did A LOT of damage.. And tomorrow I have another lunch with manager and Hui Mee at Chez Petit Salut – but at least I know they use olive oil to cook for sure! Will just avoid grains ya?

Time to do strict paleo – no more Anlene milk powder and condensed milk I guess. Will have to hunt for calcium pills.

Today I seriously didn’t eat much – cos there’s nothing to eat at home lol.

Coffee with Anlene powder
2 soft boiled eggs
2 bananas
1 small kfc coleslaw (leftover fr yday)

I’m gonna clock less than 1200 calories today – and I shall go for a run tonight REGARDLESS of how tired I am!!

Need to be really disciplined for the next 1 month before Chinese New Year. Wonder if I can resist the goodies?? Haha. I have bought a tin of really good pineapple tarts for hubby – hope I can resist that!

Anyway, my driving instructor was telling me to run everyday to lose the weight first, then I can relax a bit and run every other day to maintain the weight. Think I have slacked after my 5kg weight loss – time to get back on track and start running everyday. 30min everyday!


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