Rafferty’s Garden Banana Milk Rusks

I bought these for Am recently and I finally remembered to let her try today.

Previously I had let her try Pigeon’s and some other brand’s similar snack.. But they break too easily (or maybe Am very strong? Lol) and it creates a panic for me cos Am cannot swallow big pieces of solids yet!

These Rafferty’s Garden banana milk rusks are thick, super hard (both Al and I tried biting it with our teeth and the rusk wouldn’t break!) and what’s even better is, when the rusk gets in touch with saliva after a prolonged period of time, the core STILL remains hard and just the surface becomes mushy and soft. Amazing isn’t it?

I think these rusks will be very very helpful when we bring Am out for dinner.. She will just sit in the baby chair engrossed in this stuff!!

At first Am dribbled a lot when she started chewing on the rusk, but after that the dribbling stopped totally cos I think she has gotten the hang of it – yay. The ingredients look quite alright eh?

She didn’t finish the entire stick thankfully. I was worried it may be a bit heaty. Got her to drink lots of water after that!

Great buy!!


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