Caroling fun

My cell group met for our second caroling practice last night and we had lots of laughter and fun arranging and going through the whole thing xD

Lyrics folders prepared nicely!

We are singing 5 songs in all and will be visiting 3 households next Saturday! Very exciting and totally looking forward to it. It will be the first time Al participates in it – think she will love it 🙂

And after the caroling practice – the main highlight -supper – was up next.

Egg tarts and buns!

Sinful oily stuff haha.

Popiah which I cut up into bite size pieces for eating convenience.

Hubby and I got home at about 1230am and I did 70 sit ups before sleeping – some exercise is better than none isn’t it 🙂

Happy weekend everyone 🙂 tonight I’ll be attending wedding dinner yay! Enjoy before tomorrow (the tiring day)!


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