Yup I ran today!

My attire is very sporty today, to complement my track shoes lol.


I made a quick stop at Junction 8 NTUC Finest and bought a packet of raw salmon steak, a packet of raw salmon slices and a 200g tub of Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt. And here’s what i had today in the office:

930am – Fage yogurt, hot green tea

12pm – 1 banana


1-2pm – 35min run, clocking 4.5km


and while waiting for the lift, i realised the other 2 guys also wear New Balance!



230pm – Some blueberries, raw salmon slices, steamed salmon steak, cup of coffee with condensed milk (condensed milk isn’t Paleo (the only cheat i ate, but its AHH HEAVEN)

Haha my lunch sounds like rubbish isnt it – not a typical lunch that people usually eat!


5pm – 1 banana

Everything is so yummy and clean (except for the condensed milk…lol)!

Tonight is caroling practice again and I will be bringing Al along so she can practise the hand signs for “We are the Reason” with the other kids. Maybe i can buy some fruits for LG tonight on the way back home later 🙂



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