Squats are really effective!

I did my 50 squats as per the 30-day squat challenge last night, with the following exercises in the following sequence:

  • 50 Pilates standing crunches
  • 20 squats
  • 50 Pilates standing crunches
  • 20 squats
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 10 squats
  • 30 sit ups
  • rest 5 minutes
  • 30 sit ups


I am finally SMELLING the end of my squat challenge. not that i am happy that its finally ending though. Think I will restart the whole thing immediately after, coz I realised that squats are good for toning my bottom and my thighs 🙂 I wished I had taken a ‘before’ pic a few months ago before i started my weight loss journey.. haiz.

And as you guys know, i am not too bothered by my weight now. But decided to snap a pic and share with you guys!


I forgot to weigh yesterday haha. and today my weight went up a bit compared to 2 days ago. but still about 58 which I am ok with. Probably the massive amount of squats i’ve done over the past few days finally started the creation of some heavy muscles? OR maybe it was the Bibigo’s Spicy Chicken Stew that I had 2 days ago =_=

Oh have i told u guys that I’ve registered for my FIRST PROPER RUN??


And there’s a better piece of news – HUBBY HAS REGISTERED AS WELL! wahahaha!

But he has a lot of catching up to do though – he hasn’t exercised for…years? O_0

This is a 6km race so I am definitely NOT READY FOR IT YET. My comfortable level on the treadmill currently is still 4-5km. Running on ground will be more challenging due to the greater impact and also the varying gradients of the ground. Hope i will be able to run daily soon – Registering for a run has made me so excited – there’s something to look forward to u know? YAY. So much more motivation!

But people, i am still working towards my 10kg weight loss goal. i have lost a total of 6kg since October 2013. Although I say I am not too bothered by my weight now, I believe my shift in focus (to running and building up my fitness level) will definitely help me achieve 10kg weight loss. I am still abstaining from grains but i still go for occasional (or not so? lol) good meals with good friends and colleagues. My eyes are still on 55KG as end goal!


Muacks Muacks – happy day everyone!





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