Pedal Works

I go Thomson Plaza at least once a week and I always pass by Pedal Works on the 2nd floor. I’ve been inside once or twice but never bought anything cos the designs weren’t really my type and they really cost quite a bit.

About 2 weeks ago, I was doing some grocery shopping with Al on a lazy Monday morning (I was on leave) and I decided to go in to have a look as I really really needed a pair of heels for work. My feet are damn one kind one la, they get hurt and sore easily when I wear heels, especially the front part of the sole where the most pressure is when wearing heels. I have a few pairs of heels at home but none really gave the comfort that I needed.

So I went in and saw this really nice pair of black open-toe heels.

I don’t need fanciful super high heels, I just needed a simple and nice pair of black heels so I can wear them with ANY work outfit. And this pair really fit the bill don’t u think?

And when I tried them in, the comfort level was quite impressive!!

U see the cushioning on the heels? It’s very sturdy yet comfortable and my feet fit right in like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s amazing and I’ve never wore heels like this before.

I took so long to post this up cos I wanted to wear them for a while first before I review. I’ve worn them for about 3-4 times. The front of my soles no longer hurt! However it’s the sides of my feet that gets bruised due to the strap of the heels. But it’s minimal and bearable – and I think it stop hurting after a period of time.

And I think that it’s also me who causes all the bruises. I’m someone who walks really fast cos I don’t like to waste time traveling. With heels, I have to force myself to slow down and walk like a lady hahaha. Guess I have to practise walking SLOWLY.

I will go back to get more shoes from Pedal Works! This pair cost me $62 and I suspect it will last me a super long time cos it’s very sturdy and well made! Since I’ve found heels that I can wear comfortably, maybe I can start buying more from Pedal Works hor hahaha.


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