I love Maroon 5!

Cos there’s one song I love to listen to whenever I’m running.

It happened to be a free song that I downloaded last Christmas. It’s a club mix so the song is quite long, but the beat is so catchy! Haha.

I managed to run 4.6km (with another 400m walk initially – so total of 5km clocked!

Went down at abt 945pm as usual.

After my run! I ran for about 40 minutes – so proud of myself – I didn’t have such endurance before!!

Then I started my squats. Did a total of 125 squats and 200 Pilates crunches! My thighs almost gave way..

Tomorrow’s 50 squats, thank God. Tomorrow shall be rest day. But I am aiming to run everyday if possible – slowly build up the stamina first.

It’s nearly midnight and I’m sleepy already. Just washed my hair with Loreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner which hubby bought back just now. Then I used the serum from the same series as well (have been using the serum for years!) … Let’s see if my hair looks better tomorrow πŸ˜‰



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