The Good Trio at Thomson Plaza Part 2 – Food Review

I brought my family to The Good Trio for dinner last Saturday. Being the kiasu don’t-wanna-wait-for-seats me, I called up at 6pm to secure at 645pm table lol.

We reached there and got our table right away.

The very good chilli sauce that goes well with anything and everything.

We ordered more dishes than the first time and kinda lost track after we told the staff (a short stocky lady with short hair) what we wanted. Hubby asked her to repeat what we have ordered, cos he wanted to order some more if it isn’t enough.

The staff, seemingly in a great hurry, rattled off in mandarin what we ordered without any comma, full stop. She was simply like a machine gun! Got say might as well don’t say!

Hubby got pissed and just said ok. I also was a bit pissed. If we wanted you to repeat our order, u need to say clearly so we can hear properly right?? Zzz.

Our smoked duck appetiser arrived quite quickly. It was fatty and good.

Order Xiao long bao too; which hubby literally said that it was crap compared to DTF. Think the impatient staff earlier got into his nerves.

Vegetables with century egg. I quite liked this. Very homely taste!

Fried rice – my mum liked this a lot!

Think the kitchen is doing a great job – this pork belly was very flavorful and tender 🙂

Hubby ordered another plate of chicken midway thru our dinner as the portions weren’t very big.

It came after a while and the first thought that came to my mind was – Aiya should have ordered this first! The portion was not bad. And it tasted v good too – they even served half a chicken backside which I loved!

The portions of some dishes were bad, while some portions were bigger. Quality of the food is quite good, compared to quality of the service. Think front of house staff need a lot of training!!


6 thoughts on “The Good Trio at Thomson Plaza Part 2 – Food Review

  1. Ho says:

    Tonight is the 2nd time I visited the good trio and again a disappointment. The staffs kept forgetting what we ordered and we had to remind them again and again. When we spiled tea I had to stood up and approached the staff for cloth to clean the table and instead of cleaning the table she past me the cloth to do that myself. This is definitely the last time I will visit this restaurant. Food is not fantastic & service suck!

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Wow that’s really quite bad- giving you the cloth to wipe the table?! I haven’t gone back after the two times I went. We usually just go straight to the foodcourt and settle our dinner there. In fact that was what I did earlier today also. We may have brushed shoulders without even knowing haha.

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Haha yah.. but I do love sushi tei at Thomson plaza. Have to wait but usually very worth it 🙂

  2. Ho says:

    Have tried that and all other resturant. As my family is quite big we waited for almost an hour for table at sushi tei. Sigh… think its time to move out of thomson to recce other area.

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