Fage Total Greek Yogurt

The past 3 days (Friday to Sunday) – I’ve been totally indulgent and willpower was practically non-existent in terms of eating, all thanks to the buffet lunch at Greenhouse last Friday – but I’ve totally enjoyed every bite and really do not mind another round wahaha!

So from today till Friday, I shall be a good cavegirl.


Hubby had to leave for work very early this morning, so I took a feeder bus to Junction 8 and reached there at about 755am, 5 minutes before NTUC opened for business.

I bought 2 cups of Fage Total Greek Yogurt, and a box of blueberries. In addition to my purchase, I also lugged 2 pears, 3 raw eggs and a box of Korean strawberries to work too.


Decided to have yogurt and strawberries for breakfast. This is the Classic one. It appeared thicker and creamier than the usual meiji yogurt i take in the past.

I took a spoonful and popped it into my mouth. and tasted it slowly. It’s my first time trying Greek yogurt after all.



I love rich milky tastes, and Fage Total Greek Yogurt tastes exactly that! and the texture is so thick – it was like eating thick thick cream 😛 I’m totally converted and I am gonna have this every morning!

However this 200g tub isn’t super cheap – cost me about $4.50?

And my Korean strawberries didn’t fail me either.


NTUC Finest currently sells these super sweet strawberries from Korea. Read this – there’s a newspaper article on Maehyang Strawberries!


Look fake hor? haha. Berries are good for you – try them!

Lunch will be a protein shake and a hard-boiled egg 🙂 and maybe another run tonight?


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