4km light run today

Yes I know my last post was just an hour ago, but u know i am always so on about blogging right!!

More like I’m on about sharing my life with you my dear readers *wide eyed*

I added some other songs in my running playlist today, specifically songs by Utada Hikaru. She was my favourite Japanese singer when I was in my early twenties – yes u r right, her First Love was my first favourite lol!

All ready to work my legs!

There was another lady using my usual treadmill, so I used the corner one where air con wasn’t so strong. And I perspired A LOT. Shrugs, guess it’s good la, although I didn’t really like it, like not enough fresh air leh. >_<

This time round I didn’t immediately start running. I did a walk for 5 minutes before running – it was much better! And during today’s run, I focused on using my hip and thigh muscles more to move my legs and lessen the impact on my knees – not sure if I did it correctly but it felt much easier to run this way 🙂 after the run I came right home, cos I have done my squats and jumping jacks earlier at home.

I know I don’t look like crap- that’s because I added a filter to it – ahaha! Cannot la, if I don’t add filter I look horrendous la!

Ok I’m going to shower!!


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