Greenhouse Christmas Lunch Buffet (Ritz Carlton Singapore) – Food Review

It was a department lunch (read: FOC) and we happily left the office an hour before official lunchtime to catch a cab to Ritz Carlton yesterday.

It’s not my first time dining at Greenhouse. The previous 2-3 times were also with my department and my impression was that the food selection wasn’t spectacular but the ambience is very relaxed given the spacious layout of the restaurant. This time round with the Christmas season around the corner, prices went up too – after taxes, each pax cost $72!

The first section I saw when we entered the restaurant – desserts!

And these too.. Shot glasses of beautiful sweetness 🙂

I went for the raw food first as usual and was really surprised by the great variety for this Christmas lunch buffet! I took a bit of everything in that section and it filled up the whole plate =_=

The mini decoration piece on our table. It was raining and windy outside, so the atmosphere was just right for Christmas!

My second round consisting of the various cold salad dishes – also filled up the whole plate!!

Portobello with spinach – my favourite!

This unagi chawanmushi is really nice, regretted not eating a second bowl >_<

I was so impressed by the food selection that I had to snap pics of the various sections! I usually don’t (paiseh mah lol) but this time round I was really very happy with Greenhouse 🙂

This was the curry section, complete with naans!

Cooked food section with many meat dishes!!

The other cooked food selection – it went a full circle!

Sashimi with preserved side dishes including kimchi haha. First time I see kimchi in international buffet 🙂

The other side of the seafood section!

These are the cold cuts section – at least 5 dishes to choose from – the most I’ve ever seen – and they are all yummy!

Cold salad dishes – another huge selection!

And a whole counter dedicated to breads of all kinds.

My third plate of food consisting of cooked food! I was then too full to snap more pics. I had half a bowl of Cheng Tng, half a bowl of Green Bean Soup, a few desserts (all super nice!!) and a scoop of Rum Raisin Ice cream.

And to end the whole deal, a cuppa coffee. Beautiful.

Can I do this again? I love the food!!


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