Bintan Agro Beach Resort Day 2

I almost forgot that I have not yet blogged about Day 2!!

Ok so we slept late on the first night. But i remembered to set alarm to wake myself up at 630am so I could catch the sunrise 🙂

I woke up promptly and pulled the curtains.

Argh the whole sky is blocked by the clouds, covered the horizon even =_= I could actually see the sun rising already, but it was just a few orange specks above the horizon. I went back to sleep.

After maybe 10 minutes, I somehow woke up again and checked the sky.

Damn what did I miss?! When did the clouds clear?!

Oh well. The sun is up nevertheless!

Quite nice eh. With the stylo milo big grey cloud as part of the picture 🙂

Ok rise and shine for breakfast Loh!

Breakfast starts from 630am, and we had to leave the resort by 830am, so we just washed up and made our way down to Asiana restaurant which was right below our block.

My breakfast. Selection was okay la, simple but nice.

We started our land tour after breakfast and the first stop we went was a cuttlefish factory cum shop!

They sell all sorts of keropok and cuttlefish.

Free sampling of the grilled crispy cuttlefish and sugared cuttlefish was available. The crispy one was super nice can! I kept going back to eat the samples lol. And I bought 3 packets to bring back home 🙂

Business was very good! It was a short two days trip and we were going back home that evening, so everyone bought as much as they could!

Next we went to their local market. It’s like Chinatown, rows and rows of shophouses with wet markets and provision shops.

I love wet markets!


Don’t think I could bring these past customs..

U don’t see this in Singapore anymore.

Live cock cock keh!

We bought a packet of Hei bee (dried shrimps), a packet of silver fish, a bottle of ABC sambas chilli, gong gong keropok, fish keropok. Then we proceeded to our lunch venue which was a seafood restaurant near the jetty.

Taken at the entrance of the restaurant.

The nicest building I’ve ever seen in Tanjong Pinang.

Back view of the restaurant. I heard that the restaurant toilets are directly above the sea ie whatever we pass out go into the sea…

Mini bananas as appetiser haha. Very nice leh, I had at least 5 of these lol.

So cute. Two bites is all u need.

I didn’t take pics of all the food. But it was all quite nice and tasty.

Fresh prawns! Quantity wasn’t as extremely huge as the previous night dinner but it was sufficient for all 9 of us

It wasn’t a pleasant lunch for me though, cos I got attacked by mozzie bites when I was eating! 😦

Everyone was happy and full after lunch. We celebrated a volunteer’s 83rd birthday and our dear advisor Dr Fatimah even belted out a Mandarin (or was it Hokkien?) number for us 🙂

We got to the jetty at about 2pm and I thought it was a pretty good trip overall WHEN……

The ferry broke down and kept us waiting for 2.5 hours!!!!! I was near to tears cos we were supposed to bring the family out for dinner. Haiz. And the ferry terminal has absolutely no air con. It was so stupid.

There, I took a pic of this on the ferry. I hope this isn’t the only ferry to Tanjong Pinang.. If I go next time, I won’t take Wavemaster!

Ah did I mention that I bought a 7 inch Kueh lapis (sgd$25) back? It was our breakfast the next day – very nice but a bit sweet – which is the Indonesian style.

This was the ABC sambal chilli I bought at the market – my mum used this to cook fish – super nice 🙂

Dried shrimps and silverfish – sgd$8 each for 500g – cheap?

This was the super addictive crispy cuttlefish!

Hubby got this.

This fish snack was very addictive too – I finished it in a day @_@

The fish and gonggong keropok! Can’t bear to eat them yet haha. Still sitting on the table.

And that is the end of my post. I’m off to sleep!! 🙂 and Bintan Agro – I hope to see u soon again for sea sports!!


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