My first 5km!

I simply have to SHARE~~!! Teehee.

I ran my first 5km without stopping last night, in about 38 minutes, at a speed of 8kph.


Before gym, it was about 945pm already.

Instead of doing brisk walking for the first 10 minutes, i started running slowly at about 7kph, and turning up to 8kph after a few minutes. As usual, the ‘adjustment period’ of about 15 minutes was the toughest to get by, but after that i was just on auto-cruise mode of non-stop running. I wasn’t really panting like a dog, but it was a ‘just nice’ pace and I felt great. I felt like i could go on and on 🙂


I used Nike Running app to record my runs, although it isn’t very accurate and i had to key in the actual distance ran as per my treadmill figures. The calories burnt was not accurate too.


After my run, I did 50 squats, 80 jumping jacks and 100 Pilates crunches. 🙂 Today is rest day for squats yay.

After the run i showered, and watched The Hippocratic Crush 2 with hubby – first episode! Sigh first episode already so depressing – pregnant Yu Zai (Tavia Yeung) gotta be isolated from Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) coz of the virus 😦 I have to say that both Tavia and Kenneth are among my favourite TVB actors. Kevin Cheng is quite okay too. I find the rest not as good.

We slept at 1230am (so late!) and i overslept as a result. Was supposed to wake up at 445am but ended up waking at 545am!!


And i lost 0.9kg from yesterday morning to this morning. The 5km run helped me lose all my water retention? LOL.

More 5km runs then 🙂


2 thoughts on “My first 5km!

  1. gianna says:

    Hi, Wendy!

    I came across your blog while looking for some running inspiration. I have given birth exactly two years ago and have never been able to lose the baby weight. You can say that I am looking for some inspiration.

    I see you have your own fitness regimen you’re following. Do you have any advice for a newbie like me?

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Hi Gianna 🙂
      Firstly, a big Thanks for reading my blog!
      I was never able to shake off that 5 extra kilos after my first baby in 2006. I was 58 before my 1st baby and stayed at 62 for so many years. Even after my second baby this year, that 5 extra kilos stuck to me until recently when i started exercising 🙂
      If u would like to start running, do it! Maybe can start running thrice a week for 30minutes, followed by squats and jumping jacks (that’s what I am doing) – you can go youtube and there will be videos on how to do squats and jumping jacks properly 🙂
      If you want faster results, tweak your diet too, maybe you can cut down on your staples (rice/ pasta/ potatoes) and carbs? I am following the Paleo diet as far as i can – again you can google “Paleo diet” and you can read all day about it online!
      Hope it helps – and let’s lose some weight together!

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