Is Garden of Life’s Raw Meal considered Paleo?

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve brought this to work.


I wonder if its Paleo?


It’s gluten-free and dairy-free – should be Paleo? The ingredients they use are all sprouted grains and vegetables. Sprouted grains means the grains have evolved into vegetables isn’t it? I did some research online and Mark’s Daily Apple tells me that they shouldn’t be any problem.

Alright then! I had a scoop of this with almond milk plus a banana at 9am when i reached office and i am still full (it’s 11am now). Great 🙂 I badly need to get back to Paleo and today shall be the day! Lunch will be the same thing as well, but i will bring along 2 hard boiled eggs to my driving lesson later.

I am sleepy man. Didnt have a good sleep 😦 need my coffee fix later if not i’ll drive badly lol.

Oh and i am wearing new heels today! Will review them soon 🙂



4 thoughts on “Is Garden of Life’s Raw Meal considered Paleo?

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Hi I got this from It doesn’t taste fantastic actually.. needs a lot getting used to. But then again every individual taste buds is different so u may like it 🙂

  1. Lotus says:

    Thanks! I can eat really bland food so this shouldn’t be a problem hehehe… Any other meal replacement that you have had success with?
    Was reading your blog about weight loss and I can totally identify with u! It’s like reading about my life hahaha! Had success before but fell off the wagon and gained it all back. Really sad cos I workout almost everyday, running, resistance training, weight training etc. I guess I have to admit I don’t watch what I eat as much as I used to 😦 … But I used to join a gym near my office attending their classes everyday but since they have closed a couple of years back, that’s when I started unraveling as well :(( like you, I’ve got kids so I can only workout during lunchtime or late at night, by which time, after settling the kids, putting them to bed, housework, meal prep, I’m dead tired…
    so now I’m trying new ways to control my diet. Paleo sounds interesting but I have oats every day with flax, wheat germ and chia… Guess that’ll have to go…. I thought yoghurt isn’t paleo but you still can have it?
    Anyways, nice to have stumbled upon your blog!

    • sittingcrosslegged says:

      Raw meal isn’t exactly bland.. The texture is quite gritty and powdery even if mixed with liquid. I’ve tried all kinds of liquids to mix with and it still isn’t very palatable. If u want u can try the chocolate one..which I think is the favourite judging from the reviews.

      But after starting paleo diet proper I stopped eating such protein shakes coz it is still considered processed food.

      Greek yogurt is acceptable to the Paleo diet as it’s fermented dairy. But there are some people who don’t take all kinds dairy due to intolerance. I gain weight when I take dairy but I seem to take greek yogurt well. So yeah.. I have it for breakfast!

      U should give paleo a try! :))

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