The Good Trio at Thomson Plaza (三人行) – Food Review

Met up with Shiyun for dinner at the newly opened restaurant at Thomson Plaza – The Good Trio.

When I browsed through the menu earlier this week, it immediately struck me as similar to Din Tai Fung, cos they have dishes like pork belly with garlic sauce, drunken chicken, Xiao long bao etc. They also serve stuff like broccoli with prawns, double boiled soup, spinach with salted egg, similar to Crystal Jade.

And when Shiyun flipped thru the menu just now, she went “so similar to Pu Tien!” Which I’ve never been to.

Ok….. So it’s like a combination of many restaurants.

Prices are pretty ok in my opinion. It’s cheaper than the next door Treasure Inn (乐天客栈) so I think it will be good for families who want a good dinner without spending too much.

The restaurant is situated at the ground floor, very near the food court, along the same stretch as Japan Home.

This chilli sauce looks Good.

Yup I love it!! I think it contains belachan.

We ordered the double boiled soup with pork rib for $8.90. They have the chicken version too. It’s good for two pax. Quite reasonable price I thought, however Shiyun thought otherwise – cos there were only a 3 pork ribs in there.

It came up to about 2.5 bowls of soup. The soup was sweet and tasty, and I’m happy to report that there’s no msg (cos I’m home now and I’m not thirsty!)

When this pork intestine appetiser came, we both had the same thought.

So little!!!! And this cost $7.90? Or was it $6.90?

Still. Not worth it for the quantity.

6 Xiao long baos for $6.90 – same as DTF if I’m not wrong. We found the skin a bit thick and overall not as flavorful as DTF. But I think the meat inside is softer than DTF’s.

Stir fried French beans. Didn’t note the price but I like them – tender and crunchy. Quantity was ok.

The staff are new hence a bit blur. They served the soup first, and we were like, staring at the soup and wondering ‘so where’s the rice?’ Cos Shiyun ordered a bowl of rice (I didn’t). We had to call the staff to get the rice. And he served 2 bowls of rice instead cos he obviously didn’t read the chit properly. But other than that, it was quite ok. The meal cost us $40.85 and we got $40 worth of dining vouchers (promotion until tomorrow – u get 100% rebate vouchers). So I’m definitely going back to use my vouchers yay. Haha!

But yes, I think it’s a great option for us Thomson residents who wants a better dinner but find peach garden / treasure inn too pricey and junction 8 too crowded. I will definitely be a regular customer 🙂 and go back try their other dishes. They allow reservations too – which is a big plus to me! 🙂 maybe I’ll be back this weekend lol.


One thought on “The Good Trio at Thomson Plaza (三人行) – Food Review

  1. jean sim says:

    yr r no A024893

    i bought a whole chicken take away nut went home to find only half a chicken

    i tried calling. 64572379 but always engaged

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