Beautiful cool weather in Singapore!

Don’t you love it? I remember enjoying the same weather last December when I was a preggie 🙂

I’m back to work today!


Do I look rounder already, or is it the lighter colours I’m wearing? haha. Think it’s the colours 🙂 but my face does look rounder? argh whatever. As long as my clothes feel loose and i feel good isnt it? 🙂

and yes u see me carrying my packed meals today as well. breakfast was steamed fish and lunch was the leftover stir fried french beans my mum cooked yesterday. Yum 🙂

And when i got to work, buddy’s goodies from Korea awaited me!


in a cute girly plastic bag!


I’ve got different flavours of seaweed (yay they are Paleo) which I can eat in the office when savoury cravings attack!


A snail essence mask from esfolio which i can use maybe before the wedding dinner I’m attending on 14 December 😛

i’ve got a whole stack of masks which are probably expired coz i bought them in Feb 2012 in Korea – more than 1.5 years liao. What a waste hor.


Peppero right? hahaha. I no longer recognize the korean characters hahaha.


These are nice, especially the Jeju Cactus chocolate! I bought them in Jeju too during my trip too.

And I brought this to work too.


EcoMil Organic Almond Milk – got it at NTUC Finest. I wanted a substitute for my coffee condensed milk so I got this. Then i excitedly went to make a cuppa coffee at 10am and poured this in.

YUCK. The taste is NOWHERE close 😦 But if i drink it alone, the almond milk is quite nutty and nice.

Guess I will use this almond milk to finish up my protein powder bah. I still got a HUGE tin of Raw Meal! Since I am not going to gym during lunch anymore, I will just stay in and have this with the almond milk. Hopefully I can finish it.. (cos it’s not nice at all..very gooey and lumpy.)


I’ve been taking GNC’s TriFlex Glucosamine since last week to protect my knees as I’m starting to run regularly now. Not the full dosage of 3 pills a day – taking 1 pill a day for now.

Talking about running, I think I will not cook anymore in the evenings. Instead, I will go and exercise downstairs whenever possible. Then for breakfast, I will eat fruits (apples, bananas, guava, oranges.. should try pears too). Lunch – protein powder with almond milk. I wonder if i can take it.. LOL. Cooking in the evenings can be quite time consuming and i will be too tired after that to go work out.

I’ll try it! 🙂 will go buy fruits later at Thomson Plaza 🙂


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