The Cake Shop (Thomson Plaza)

There’s a newly opened cake shop at Thomson Plaza and the family decided to check it out last night. Their main counter sells cupcakes and mini cakes. The other side counter sells proper big cakes. So I decided to get 3 cupcakes for $7 to try. 1 cupcake is $2.40 I think, while 1 mini cake is $2.30.

The lady packed it nicely for me in a simple white box with their sticker logo.

Strawberry cupcake for Al. Looks so sweet eh? Actually I think it’s not cheap leh, cos the size looks smaller than Twelve Cupcakes?

She ate it just now after lunch and loved it (she loves anything sweet, like all children lol). My mum took a bite and said it was very sweet.

Cupcakes, like macarons, are sweet by nature.. I didn’t try so no comments from me.

The other two are mocha walnut. Looks nice too, haven’t tried!

My biggest question is – how long will they last in Thomson Plaza? From the sticker logo with the Ubi address, I guess they have other sources of business, so maybe the shop front at Thomson Plaza is a stepping stone to getting the public to know more about them. Me dunno much abt business la, but I think they took over the unit from Dino cakes (or issit Prima Deli?) so my impression is that cake shops there don’t last?? But I don’t mind this cake shop, their big cakes look nicer than the ones at Four Leaves haha!


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