Running clears the mind

I wasn’t in a very good mood when I went down for my run. In fact I didn’t feel like running at all. Felt super washed out and drained. Washed out and drained probably mean the same thing but I am feeling doubly drained. So there.

I went downstairs regardless, got the gym key and aircon remote control and went into the empty gym. Turned on the aircon and adjusted the temperature to 16 degrees for both air conditioners. Felt good running in the cold. Seriously more comfortable!

Strangely running sort of forced me to focus on just running and nothing else. My emotions (consisting of feeling pissed off, jaded, sian, annoyed etc) were all converted into a “push” energy to run even more furiously. The starting 10minutes was the hardest for me as my body felt the strain but it got easier and more enjoyable after that. I walked a 5 min and ran for a straight 30min at 8kph, clocking 4.42km – fastest and longest record for me at the moment lol. I know there are many people out there who can run better and further than me but I’m just competing against myself and my past self – and I’m damn happy with myself now!

Realized there’s a typo – should be 35min and not 34!

And another realization – I’m no longer bothered about my weight. I don’t weigh myself religiously anymore. I’m now more concerned about improving my running record! I guess weight loss comes naturally when I exercise regularly eh..

After the run I did 100 jumping jacks, 100 Pilates crunches and 75 squats. Resumed my squat challenge after a 2 week hiatus haha.

I think I won’t run at my office gym anymore cos of the horrible air conditioning. I’ll run downstairs from now on. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays? Fridays n Saturdays are out cos I’m taking care of Am. Mondays n Wednesdays will be rest days.

Seems quite little hor.. 3 times a week. Should I run everyday? Ok for my knees? Or will I burn out? It’s just a 30min run.. Should be ok? Hmm..

The other thing is, I’ve gotta restart my Paleo diet lor.. I’ve been very un-paleo for the past week 😦 argh.



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