Bintan Agro Beach Resort Day 1

I’ve snapped more pictures than expected, so I’ve decided to split the post into 2!

This was a work trip for hubby who works at Geylang Serai CC. The grassroots leaders (more commonly known as RC volunteers in layman terms) attend this yearly seminar for bonding and planning for the upcoming year. This is my 3rd time tagging along actually. The first was to Penang some years back, 2nd was to Malacca last year and this one. it’s quite a big group everytime. This time, it was about 90 of us!

We all reached the CC at 730am to take the coach which would bring us to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

We were being served by Boon Keng Travel Pte Ltd. They are a bunch of really service-oriented and helpful chaps who attended to us from start till end.

In the ferry. Hubby wasn’t looking very excited about the ferry ride cos he has motion sickness; so didn’t take his pic lol. The ferry ride took nearly 2 hours to Tanjong Pinang Ferry Terminal. I had been to Bintan Angsana before, but it was a shorter ride to a different (newer too) terminal. I didn’t really notice the time cos I was enjoying my Running Man all the way lol. It was a particularly funny episode I watched πŸ™‚

And here we were! It was a cloudy day in Bintan.

The terminal was old and small. The coaches couldn’t come in and pick us.. So we had to walk out quite a distance to the main road, fight the incoming traffic at the same time lol.

We took a small coach to Bintan Agro, about an hour ride. I was stressed out by a spider on the bus, so I got a bit grouchy (I just hate creepy crawlies) upon arrival.. Lol.

I was expecting an international buffet lunch, but no.. It was more like a catered deal with a number of Indonesian dishes.

Felt slightly better after lunch and decided to snap some pictures! Here’s the banner put up specially for our group!

They have wifi in the lobby, and Asiana restaurant (where they serve breakfast).

A very old looking lobby. Bintan Agro is very simply built, more like a chalet actually.

As our rooms weren’t ready, the family members joined the rest in the conference room. Within an hour, the rooms for family members were ready, so that the family members could rest or wash up in the rooms first.

My room was 7307. Block 7, 3rd floor, 7th room πŸ™‚ simple & clean room. Aircon not very strong though.

But view from 3rd floor was great! πŸ™‚ unblocked view of the sea.

On my left.

Room service menu.

I watched a bit of tv before going back to the meeting room to find hubby. After the meeting ended, hubby and I went for a walk to check out the water sports center.

It was low tide all day and the next timing they will allow sea sports was the next day morning 8-10am.. I was so sad la, cos my group had to leave the resort at 830am 😦 I could only see and drool.

Sit and pose lor. Better than nothing right..

Flying fish. Actually the prices for water sports at Bintan Agro are very cheap in my opinion.. I just saw somewhere in Bali, the prices were at least double leh! Such a big difference man.

There was really nothing much to do here.. Low tide means no water sports. U can only go massage at the spa, swim at swimming pool, rot in the room…

Or go around and take pictures like me…

Or go and have some drinks.. Which was what we did!

View from Sun Moon Restaurant, the only restaurant in the resort that’s open all day and serves Cheap Drinks!

It was about 5pm and there were already a couple of tables there for early dinner. Or they were too bored like us and decided to eat.

This margarita was sgd7! Slurpy slurp. Love the salt!

I was so amazed the the prices that I had to take pics. Just divide the prices by 9200 and u get the amount in sgd.

And I decided to go for a second drink. Jim beam coke!

This was funny. They actually brought me 30ml of jim beam (as per the menu) and a can of coke..

We chatted about holidaying and planned our next holiday (which I will talk about in a separate post!) and suddenly we realized the clouds became veryyyyyy big.

A storm was approaching us!! See the downpour?

We then noticed a very funny sight. There were some people canoeing and then we saw this lady standing in the sea. If u see the pic jus before this one, the lady was already very far away from shore but yet she was still standing. The seabed must be very shallow for a very long distance. What’s funny is that u hardly see a canoe and a STANDING person in the sea BESIDE EACH OTHER πŸ™‚

The other side of the sky.

Storm was getting very close, and people were still happily eating away.

But soon the staff came to move all of us in πŸ™‚

Seated inside!

And our Sun Moon platter finally came.


We finished our platter at about 6pm and walked back the the lobby where we met up with the rest of the group.

And we then walked back the the same Sun Moon Restaurant for dinner lol. Good exercise!

Table all set up for dinner. We were seated in groups of 8-9.


Sauces for dinner. Both weren’t spicy at all..

The rice came first, which I didn’t touch at all. In fact I did not touch rice thru out the trip.

We were shocked at the first dish. That was a lot of chicken wings!!!

The otah was like a mountain. Very nice otah they got – moist and tasty.

Indonesian gado gado. No idea how to eat it but we just ate anyway..

Vegetable tempura. Didn’t touch also – cos of the flour..

BBQ prawns!!

This went largely untouched cos we were very full already, and we wanted to save our stomachs for the remaining dishes..

BBQ squids which I had quite a few sticks – very tender!

Chicken satay.. I think chicken skewers more like it. It was just BBQ chicken ok skewers. Nothing satay about it. This went quite untouched too lol. We were all bursting. 9 of us at the table – these were good for at least 12!

Finally the last dish – BBQ corn! I had more than half a stick to myself! Very nice leh lol.

I think u see the food pics also will feel full lor.

And we ended off the night with listening to our group volunteers ktv-ing away..

We got back to our room at about 1130pm, watched a bit of channel 8, then KO-ed.

Day 2 pics in the next post!!

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