And I’m still on leave!

But I’m back to work tomorrow 😦

I haven managed to find time to post my Bintan pics yet, cos it’s a lot!! Will try to do it tonight after I go for my run 🙂

Today’s my last day of leave. Yesterday hubby stayed at home too, and we brought Al to watch Frozen after our lunch at Din Tai Fung (yes eat again). It was quite a nice movie leh, cos I’m a sucker for good songs in the movie and Frozen has plenty of songs in it! The movie is done by the same producers of Tangled, which has a lot of nice songs too!

And maybe I should post the gluttony pics at Din Tai Fung.

Appetisers – drunken chicken, spicy cucumber and pork with cucumber and garlic. It was my first time trying their garlic pork, it is fantastic!!

Stir fried spinach – good and healthy fibre for the whole family 🙂

Fried rice shared between hubby and Al.

Their pork chop, which was surprisingly tender yesterday haha.

I had to order this….. It was calling out to me..

And their crab Xiao Long Bao for Al.

These pics were totally unedited – so may look a bit dark cos lighting wasn’t too bright there.

My casual outfit of the day!

Today I had 2 soft boiled eggs and a cuppa coffee for breakfast, and for lunch I had a banana and some blueberries. Gonna eat light from today onwards already!!


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