Resolutions 2014

It has been a good last-day-of-2013 and first-day-of-primal-challenge so far 🙂

The weighing scale this morning gave me a very nice 56.4kg, my blueberries tasted extra sweet and my steamed salmon tasted extra fatty during breakfast – YUM. I also managed to drink my coffee without sugar!

On to my resolutions for tomorrow onwards. Should I do a few, or many? Let’s see what my bird brain can remember now bah.

1) Become an independent driver.

I’ve driven twice after graduation, both are medium to long distances. I am quite glad that when I was learning, I always have 2 lessons at one go i.e. 4 hours non-stop driving. So now I don’t get tired at all when driving haha. But the two times I drove, hubby was with me like my driving instructor – I could ask him what’s next and what to do. I think I will need him many times more before I can be steady enough to be on my own totally.

I hope to drive as frequently as I can – at least twice a week for now, to my mil’s place, and to church for a start. Then after I feel more confident, I will handle both to and fro journeys to mil’s place and church. 🙂 And when time permits on weekday evenings, I can try driving at night.

2) Hit my ideal weight of 50kg and maintain at 50kg.

Haha actually my goal is 55kg, but I think it will be good to hit 50 so there’s some buffer? I’ve lost 7.5 kg in 3 months so far – I was 64kg after my second child and now I am 56.5kg. I am giving myself 2014 to lose another 6.5 kg to reach 50kg.

Methods I am using – both diet and exercise. To be specific:

  • Paleo Diet – you can check out Mark’s 21-Day Challenge which I have started today
  • Squat Exercise
  • Plank Exercise
  • Pilates Abs Exercise

3) Get a paid domain for this blog.

It will be a dream come true if could be mine. Actually it CAN be mine now – I just pay a sum of money every year. But before I do that, I want to achieve a minimum of maybe 500 unique views a day first – reasonable?

Of course, I will need all your support. Yes you You YOU! *POINT HERE POINT THERE & EVERYWHERE*

I want this blog to provide useful information, to help you achieve your weight loss goals, to help you know more about Singapore restaurants, to help you know more about life in Singapore. My Paleo weight loss journey in the city of Singapore has been nothing short of amazing – and anyone can do it too, if you want it bad enough! ^_^

Continue with me on this journey to 50kg weight goal and beyond!


Let’s keep it to 3 for now – there are a few more things I would like to see come to pass in 2014 – but it’s quite uncertain now so I won’t mention.

No, having a 3rd child isn’t one of them.


Finally, I would like to say thank you for visiting and reading wendylimwendy!


The Primal Blueprint 21-day Challenge

U have not heard me talk about my weight loss for some time now. Ever since my last post on getting injured when running about 2 weeks ago, I’ve not blogged much about my weight loss journey. I think it’s high time to bring it up again!

My current weight – 57kg. Frankly, I am not sure if this is accurate, mainly because Al has done a couple of jumps on my weighing scale and I wonder if it’s still reporting accurate figures. But I guess I am not far off from 57kg. Max I am 58kg?

My current exercise routine – just Pilates crunches – minimum 100 a day. Sometimes I’ll add in 30 crunches, other days maybe 20 squats, and occasionally a 1.5 minute plank. Very light routine now. I still have problems going up and down the stairs *sigh* and my right ankle hurts a bit when i walk. ARGH. It’s frustrating.

My current diet – still quite Paleo 🙂 with occasional cheat days when there are dinner appointments. But I’m still staying off grains totally on a strict basis (in Asian context, I avoid rice, noodles, bread, pasta at all costs). I’ve been eating lots of Greek Yogurt though, coz it’s a very easy and yummy meal. And I do not count calories anymore. I think I am not losing as much weight coz I’ve been eating lots of fruits i.e. sugar.

And so….before Chinese New Year arrives exactly 30 days later, I am going to embark on The Primal Blueprint 21-day Challenge. Which fits in just nice before CNY!


  • Eat real food i.e. unprocessed, raw, whole.
  • Avoid sugar, grains, unhealthy fats, beans/legumes.
  • Align carb intake with your weight goals and activity levels.
  • Move frequently at a slow pace: Get between 2-5 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.
  • Lift heavy things: Conduct 1-3 brief, intense sessions of full-body  functional movements.
  • Sprint: Go “all out” once a week.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Get 15 minutes of direct sun exposure each day.
  • Play! Find time to let go, disconnect, unwind and have fun each day.


Meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, high quality fats, a moderate intake of high-fat dairy products (if you’re lactose tolerant) and occasional sensible indulgences such as red wine and dark chocolate.

This is what I CANNOT eat:

  • Grains, sugars, sweetened beverages
  • Industrial and polyunsaturated oils: Trans and partially-hydrogenated fats (from heavily processed snack or frozen foods);  deep-fried menu items (from fast-food joints), assorted packaged snacks and baked goods (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.), margarine-type spreads, and bottled vegetable  oils (canola, corn, safflower, etc.) promote oxidation and inflammation,  setting the stage for cancer and heart disease.
  • Beans and other legumes: Beans,  lentils, peanuts, peas,  and soy products contain antinutrients that compromise digestion, immune function, and general health. The highly-touted fiber in beans is problematic, and the carbohydrate content in all legumes is high enough to warrant cutting or eliminating them in the interest of moderating insulin production.
  • Dairy: Most commercial dairy products are unhealthy for  everyone – laden with hormones and other impurities. Organic butter and heavy cream are the preferred forms of dairy, if you are lactose  tolerant.

Basically, i am on this diet now, only less strict i.e.

  • I eat a McNugget or two when Hubby orders MacDelivery
  • I add a wee bit of dark soya sauce in my soft-boiled eggs
  • I add a bit of unrefined raw brown sugar into my afternoon coffee
  • I eat a lot of bananas and grapes lol
  • I eat my girl’s leftover stir fried beef in dark soya sauce

So, the challenge for me is to be 100% Paleo with weight loss as priority! Instead of what I cannot eat, let’s narrow down to what I shall eat everyday – coz it’ll be easier to shop at the supermarket 🙂

  1. Greek Yogurt (full fat type, cos it means it’s not processed – Fage Classic, Farmers Union)
  2. Berries (all sorts – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  3. Steamed fish (lots of salmon and some other varieties)
  4. Steamed chicken breast
  5. Steamed vegetables (if i have time to prepare)
  6. My mum’s soups (pork rib soup base, but will not drink if corn is the main ingredient)
  7. Eggs (Hard boiled / soft boiled)
  8. 99% dark chocolate
  9. Oolong Tea
  10. Coffee (no sugar, no milk)

Starting from tomorrow until 20 January 2014. And I shall not weigh myself during this 21 days – what say u? 🙂

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Kinsa Sushi (Jubilee Square)

Just got to know this fantastic piece of news for readers who are looking for somewhere to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Especially for Ang Mo Kio residents – don’t wanna drive to town to celebrate CNY? want somewhere near but yet the food is fresh and quality assured?

See below.


Kinsa Sushi located at Jubilee Square in the heart of Ang Mo Kio Central is launching their Prosperity Yu Sheng / Lo Hei / Prosperity Toss (whatever you call it) during the Chinese New Year period between 3 January to 14 February 2014!

Kinsa Sushi’s Prosperity Yu Sheng is available in 3 different sizes:
1) Small (good for 2-3 pax) at price of $16.88++
2) Medium (good for 4-5 pax) at price of $35.88++
3) Large (good for 6-7 pax) at price of $58.88++

And for you guys who are celebrating earlier between the dates of 3 January 2014 to 25 January 2014, you get an extra free 5 slices of salmon in your Yu Sheng – why not?

If you see their website, the restaurant is well-furnished in cosy wood tones and even has a VIP room if you wish to have more privacy.

Their contact details as follows – call now to book your dates 🙂 do note that the Yu Sheng is available for take away and dine-in only.


61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
#02-03/3A Jubilee Square
Singapore 569814
Tel: +65 64521798

Putting 2013 into Perspective

I bet everyone’s blogging about their 2014 resolutions and writing about this year’s accomplishments as well as regrets?

Ha, I’m gonna do the same too – humans are reflective creatures after all 🙂 and I’m not at all worried about being branded as un-original lol.

And I’m gonna write it in more than one part! Haha.

So – (lets out a huge sigh, actually I think it’s gonna be quite a sombre post) – here goes.

If I can give a one-word summary to the year of 2013 – it will have to be this.


Closure of many things.

1) Closure of my human production factory. Yes 2 is enough – I am VERY EXTREMELY SURE. Two girls are enough to give hubby and myself a very busy life to infinity and beyond. We don’t want to get over-busy to the point where we have to neglect either child. In fact we had neglected Al’s schoolwork earlier this year when the whole household (including Al herself) was busy taking care of Am!

Having said that, we know of couples are able to bring up their few children very well (3-4 children I mean) and not neglect any of them. Hubby and I know our limitations and expectations – so 2 is good.

2) Closure of my self-learning journey – for now. Ever since completing my degree in 2011, I had never wanted to learn anything anymore in this lifetime until late this year when hubby asked me to go learn how to drive.

I seriously regretted obeying him – even though I had gotten my driving licence after a short 2.5 month intensive (i.e. tiring) crash course (from Oct to Dec 2013) and passed on 1st attempt at the practical test just 2 days ago, I’m actually more affected by the amount of white hair I’ve gotten during this period (I’m not joking).

Sweep right side hair – see white hair.
Sweep the other side – see white hair again. Sweep lower side, higher side – also can see! They are freaking everywhere! I’m sad.

Anyway, I’m really not very thrilled at this accomplishment, yet. Maybe I’ll feel different when I have driven often enough to feel like driving is second nature & I get a high-paying job where I need to drive? I’ve started driving yesterday and today out on the road (from home to Expo yesterday, and from home to church today) and I think I need a lot more practice (argh) to get used to the speed.

Weekends are supposed to be for nuar-ing you know? *rolls eyes*

I MAY wanna get a property agent licence now that I can drive, but the fact that I gotta study, memorize and sit for exams totally puts me off. So, I’ll wait and see how it goes.

3) Closure of my seemingly endless struggle with 2 people.

Actually I made this decision today, in service, during altar call, when Pastor Jeff called for a show of hands of people who want to commit their downcast spirit to Jesus and start on a brand new slate in 2014 (something to this effect).

It has been more than 2 years. 2 years of loath and despise towards these 2 people. Yes I do look down on them, as a matter of fact. They have been such a thorn in my spiritual walk, such a test, such a trial. A 2-year long trial.

I am affected by them because they have accused me wrongfully. It was a big hit to me. I was unable to forgive and forget. Even now, if I see them on the street, I’ll probably avoid them.

But I cannot deny the fact that this struggle has taught me many lessons, many of which God had to repeat and repeat until it got into my thick fat skull.

And the latest lesson I learnt today in service is, we put our hope in God and not anything else. Friends and riches will fail us, but we know God won’t.

To God’s name we give all the glory. To God’s name we give all the praise (We sang this Hillsong Thank You in service today). The message on our focus on God today was so strong. God is our ultimate hope.

I want to let go Liao. I want to be able to say hi to them and give a genuine smile if we meet someday. I have to tell myself, being able to befriend them again means I have managed to choose to love God more than myself. It means I have better things to do than to stay angry.

Perhaps these 2 years are time given to me to heal and let the hurt fade. And maybe I’m now ready to move on. Maybe is the word, I really dunno if I’m really ready, but I am making the decision to move on regardless!

Next up – resolutions – I have a couple days more to think! 🙂

Saizeriya at Liang Court – Food Review

After the horrible experience at Gain City Expo 2014 of waiting for 2.5 hours just to get a rice cooker in the end (see post right before this), we hurried home without lunch.

I had some Greek yoghurt with honey and hubby had some apple slices at home. So both of us were ravenous by dinner time.

We went to Liang court in hope to get a cheap TV at Audio House (they have some promotion too), so we settled dinner first at Saizeriya located on the 2nd level. We had wanted to eat at the food court at ground level, but it had become Uniqlo.. =_= even Kraze Burger is gone and some Japanese restaurant has replaced it.

We were there at about 715? And it wasn’t full house – we managed to get table immediately.

Think we over ordered, cos the bill came up to be $70! Haha. If u haven been to Saizeriya before, lemme tell u this – it’s quite difficult to overspend at Saizeriya cos their prices are really low!

After our order, this mushroom soup and our smoked salmon came immediately. Yes maybe at most 1 minute after the order-taker left! Amazing! This soup was for Al, and she finished every drop of it 🙂

Two huge slices of smoked salmon for just $3.90!

Chicken wings – I had one.. Very oily >_< but damn tasty lol.

Focaccia bread with garlic butter. Both my mum and Al loved it and finished it all up! It was $2.20. By the way, I’m still on Paleo diet, so anything made with grains – I didn’t touch.

Asari clams for $3.90 – I think this is one of the most value-for-money items in the restaurant 🙂

These escargots were soaked in butter, fattening.. But they cost just $5.90… Or was it $6.90? Doesn’t matter – Cheap right!

Sautéed spinach with bacon –
It tasted slightly spicy to my surprise. It was good! Just that the spinach seemed quite smashed.. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that.

Hubby’s sirloin steak $11.90 – the priciest item in our receipt – in medium – he thought it was quite ok!

My mum’s grilled fish fillet for $7.90 – the fish was quite big I thought.

My grilled salmon in spicy tomato sauce $8.90 – I passed the potatoes and corn to hubby and mum. The salmon was quite dry though. Or maybe I’m too used to steaming it haha.

And lastly, Al’s mushroom pasta – the portion was huge! Hubby had to help finish it for Al.

Didn’t we over order?! We did right?

But we finished nearly everything leh – lol. We were really hungry!

The service was super prompt and good! Smiley and patient front of house staff – thumbs up 🙂

Atrocious Service at Gain City Expo 2014

Hubby and I went to Expo this morning for this sale as we wanted to get a 32″ TV for the room. When we reached there at about 1050am (the event opens at 11am), we were greeted by this enormously long human snake.

The deals are really quite attractive, so far the cheapest amongst the other events opening today at other places. So we started queueing. At about 1230pm (after 1.5 hours), we were still queueing! By then the TV was all sold out, but we continued queueing cos we wanted to get the rest of the cheap items which were still available:
Induction cooker
Rice cooker x 2
Slow cooker

I went in to take a look (hubby still in the queue) and realized that there was only ONE station serving this queue. My question is – WHY?? Gain City should be very clear and very experienced by now that there will be a long queue for such deals – why set up only ONE station to serve this queue? There can only be one reason – they want to let the crowd at expo see this queue so the crowd will be curious and go in see, hence possibility of higher sales.

Marketing gimmick at the expense of customer service.

Fine, we decided to queue, never mind lor, what to do right. As long as we get our items!

It took us 2.5 hours to reach our turn. Hubby got out of the queue to take a look around. When approaching my turn, the guy asked me what I wanted. I had it all ready, so I showed him:

Then he said “sorry, one person can only buy one item.”

I replied “my husband is with me (I even pointed out hubby to him. Hubby was just 2 meters away from me outside the Q). Can I buy two?”

He said “only people in the queue are counted.”

I said “he was with me for half the queue and jus went out!” In fact we were queuing together for nearly 90% of the whole damn queue!

He insisted “sorry, must be fair to the rest, only can buy one”. Oh so is it fair TO ME? Or to the rest of the unknowing customers who had no idea what was going to happen?









So I bought ONE rice cooker after a 2.5 hours grueling queue. I wanted to buy the coffee maker at the cashier but I was so dazed by the atrocious service that I forgot all about it. Fine by me, I’ve no intention to buy anything more from them anyway.


Learning Driving at ComfortDelgro Driving Centre

The place I have been to the most for the past 3 months, besides home and office, is none other than ComfortDelgro Driving Centre. After passing my Final Theory on 4 October 2013, I immediately embarked on my practical lessons on 8 October 2013. I was quite hardcore, initially clocking 4 lessons a week in October, then slowing down to 2 lessons a week in November and December.

And today was my Practical Test.


My warm up session was at 10am and I reached at 830am, coz hubby fetched me there before he went off to work. I bought 2 soft boiled eggs and a coffee while I looked through the assessment checklist.

Strike kerb – 10 points.

Mount kerb – immediate failure.

-_- very scary leh. Reading thru the checklist helped a bit in a sense that i know what i couldn’t do, but it didn’t calm my nerves at all.

I went into the warm-up room at 945am and was promptly brought to my test car number 422 for a warm up session. Everything went pretty okay. Just that… when i went out to the road and was going to turn right at the traffic light junction…

I encountered my 1st road bully.

He cut into my lane from the right very abruptly (when i was on the right-most lane ok) and hence my instructor honked at him. That chap got out of the car, faced us and beckoned us to go out of the car!! I was like – WOW. I wasn’t really intimidated or worried actually, but just maybe frozen to my seat and i didn’t know what to do. My instructor was telling me to lock the door when that chap got out of the car, but my hands didn’t obey the command – i just couldn’t move ahaha. So my warm up instructor and I just stared at him and his angry face…

and that angry chap, after 2 seconds, went back into his car, turned right and drove off.

LOL. and life goes on wahahah.

The warm up session ended in 30 minutes and I went into the waiting area with about 5 other testees. I think I am the oldest? The rest are all 18-21? haha. i thought to myself, it will be very lao kui if me the lao auntie doesn’t pass.

Finally the door opened, a tester peeked in and called out my name. Acting cute, i raised my hand and followed him.

And, after a grueling 45 minutes test (I nearly struck the kerb while doing vertical parking but thankfully my corrections saved the day), I was led to a room on the second floor in the driving centre where I knew I would get my results.

The kindly looking tester printed out a piece of A4 sized paper and sat opposite me. I saw the demerit points I got.




The tester went on to tell me about the areas i needed to improve. I went “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Yes Sir, Thank You Sir” and eventually he said “I passed you”!

Seriously, I wasn’t sure at all that I would pass on first attempt coz very few people do pass on first attempt according to the stories I hear from friends. Except for hubby who passed on first attempt, I don’t think i know anyone else who pass on first attempt!

And, actually I am not super excited or high or thrilled that I passed, just very relieved that this is finally over and I don’t have to go to the driving centre anymore. Was telling hubby “Please don’t make me learn anything anymore…” in the car when he came to pick me up.


Got this at the driving centre while waiting for hubby to pick me up 🙂 Yes the next fear is actually getting used to driving on the road along with all sorts of drivers..

And we went to Bibigo at my office lobby for lunch – had my spicy chicken stew again haha.


Here’s my happy face!

A special thanks to Lawrence Goh who was my driving instructor for most of my lessons, and also Andy Kuah and Davin James Cook for giving me their last few tips nearing the end of my lessons. They have been very patient and helpful during this entire 3 months!