I felt heavier today

Yes, u know why. All the steamboat food is still swimming inside me! Hope i poop soon. LOL.

I didn’t feel like running again today, simply coz i felt heavier (leading to even more inertia?).

I still went anyway. I knew i would be in a very bad mood if i didn’t go. haha.


It was a tough workout today, firstly coz the gym was so warm and i prefer working out in the cold (for obvious reasons – don’t u find it more comfortable exercising in the cold??)

And secondly, i ran at 8.5kph today for 10min (followed by 8kph and then a short sprint at 9kph), which is a first time for me, so was panting more. lol. But it felt good after that, as usual. 348 calories KILLED!

Anyone wanna sponsor me a Polar watch?

Ok, just saying.


Sorry, I always look like crap after working out. freaking pale.

I’ve given official notice for termination of my gym membership – last day of usage will be 31 Dec 2013. i.e. 1 more month. January 2014 onwards, I will runΒ at my gym downstairs every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at night. 3 times a week should be okay hor? Then in between, I will do jumping jacks and squats at home.

Hubby – note the days I’m running. If you got meetings on those evenings, let me know beforehand!

Belle – join me if u can xD

Yes I will miss body combat. 😦 But i save about $92 per month leh!!

And my gym downstairs – I can workout at 16 degrees if I want. I control the air-con!


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