1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® good or not?

I just bought a box for the trip…cost me $56 😦


I went to two optical shops (at Arcade and then Raffles Xchange’s Better Vision) to ask if they sell loose pairs, they don’t. argh. So i bought a box of these from Better Vision – i felt cheated! There was a lady there who was the pushy sort and i didn’t like it at all. maybe it’s just me. I hate pushy sales people.

So I got 15 pairs of dailies now. I will use 2 pairs this Saturday and Sunday, maybe will use a pair for my colleague’s wedding dinner on 14 December, and for Chinese New Year too? LOL. Sigh sometimes I wish i can wear contact lenses permanently, but my eyes get so dry with lenses. I don’t remember if i have tried 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® before. If they suit me, maybe i can wear it for long term?

Expensive hor. 15 days already $56! Even if i go Malaysia buy, let’s say half price, 1 month $56. Even more expensive than my monthly mobile phone bill k. =_=

Will update u on my use of 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® this weekend 🙂

On to my other pics 😛


Steamed salmon with sauteed onions for breakfast this morning. Don’t you love sumptuous breakfasts like this! Actually the salmon wasn’t a lot. So at about 11am, I had a cuppa this.


I actually bought this when i was pregnant and nauseous. But u know la, pregnant = weird taste buds and i didnt like it at all. So it was in my cupboard until this morning and i decided to bring the whole box to work to drink. Tot it would be good to keep in office in case i get a gassy tummy like yesterday again.. Ginger dispels wind mah.

So I made myself a cup at 11am today and I LOVED IT. The honey taste was good enough to cover the ginger taste, but yet there’s the spicy aftertaste as well. kept me very nice and warm in the cold office 🙂


Very natural 🙂

I actually walked to Arcade during lunch to get the contact lenses. it’s a LONG WALK…from MBFC to Arcade, and back again. Upon reaching office, while in Marina Bay Link Mall, I was HUNGRY (despite eating a banana just before 1pm lol) and decided to buy this box of leftover salad from the Four Seasons Gourmet Market at $8.50.


I tell you, it’s SO WORTH IT. Win hands down over whatever Salad Stop or Doodle or Soup Spoon!!!! Yum to the max! They got like 5 meatballs inside, super sweet orange slices, endless sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, french beans, a few potato chunks, cucumbers, onions.


The bad news is, I’m definitely going past my 1200 calorie limit today. and yes, I will run tomorrow!


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