Brussel Sprouts are evil!

I had 2 days of Brussel sprouts (yesterday’s lunch and today’s breakfast) and I had this incredibly painful gassy tummy today afternoon in the office. Apparently the run on the treadmill was the catalyst that started off all the reactions.

Oh well. Guess it’s a good thing after nearly a week of constipation :X my dear colleague gave me a packet of powder to ease the tummy (bitter but has that icy taste) – it’s really good and efficient!

So, no Brussel sprouts for the time being..

I cooked asparagus tonight! Actually asparagus does bring about gassy tummies too.. But I’ve bought them last week.. I’ll have that after my gym 🙂

With prawns.

Fills up half the container only.. I’ll probably have another banana after that! Breakfast will be steamed fish – mum’s doing that for me tomorrow morning.

I have decided to stop my gym next month and start working out in my gym downstairs at night. I’ll cook from 9 to 945pm, then go work out till about 1045pm, shower till about 1115pm and just nice the dishes I cooked would have cooled down and I can put them in the fridge before I go to bed!

Make use of the free gym that I have mah. In future if I move house, I can invest in a treadmill and run at home 😀

I really hope that exercising will be a permanent part of my life – I’m so worried that I may just stop exercising once I reach my target weight! >_<


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