Counting down to my Bintan trip WOOHOO

I’m going this Saturday morning!! Wee!

Reminder to self – get daily contact lens for the water activities, as suggested by my colleague Yvonne – I’ll be taking part in action-packed activities in the deep deep sea – can’t risk losing my only pair of glasses!

Actually I’m counting down to this Thursday too, cos I’m meeting Belle for dinner at Crystal Jade 🙂 we gonna have healthy steamboat 😂 and indulge in a necessary 2-3 hour yak session. Yay!!

Today’s work was better than yesterday, thank God. I didn’t go gym today as well, cos this morning when I woke up, I nearly blacked out =_= always feel weak and sick during menses – so I think I better not work out today – don’t wanna get rolled out of the treadmill.

Oh I bought these from NTUC before work this morning.

I’ve finished my almond nuts in the office and I need something to munch on when my mouths starts itching for food. Don’t wanna get nuts anymore cos of the high fat content, so decided to get apples instead. Not something I really like, but it fulfills the objective.

They are actually quite small and manageable for beginner apple eaters like me. I had 1 today afternoon and i finished it HURRAY. It actually tasted quite nice leh – got a nice fragrance to it even – from Korea one. Haha.

I had these at about 11am this morning – these beautiful stuff cost me 60 calories only! And they are sooo healthy! Gonna get more this weekend 😉

And these were the ingredients tonight for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch!

Breakfast – onion omelette. I didn’t wanna make omelette cos I wanted to bring raw eggs to the office to try to steam them into hard boiled eggs using the steamer – but Al wanted so badly to beat the eggs for me..
Lunch – stir fry lean pork with Brussel sprouts and onions

Haha, I used the huge Australian white onion again, so gotta spread it across both dishes!

Stir fry the onions first, as suggested by mum.

I find that giving the egg mixture a few quick beats before pouring it in helps the egg to be more evenly cooked cos of the tiny bubbles?

I should try to dice the onion the next time I do onion omelette. The huge onion slices didn’t really help me flip the egg nicely haha.

Marinated my pork with the spicy chilli seasoning earlier- it gives the dish a teeny weeny slight spicy tinge.

Looks good man. Can’t wait to eat it tomorrow!

I should be going back to gym tomorrow during lunch. I seriously need to start running again!!


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