Wedding Dinner at the Shangri-La Singapore Hotel

I love attending Chinese wedding dinners! It’s so RAH RAH and happy πŸ™‚

Us in purple theme. Matching boh??!

We decided to take a cab there as we don’t wanna caught drinking driving :p

And hubby totally regretted it haha!! U know why?

The taxi driver drove like a F1 driver. Some more he took the ulu ulu private estates windy bendy small roads rofl.

He had to find a seat to rest immediately when we arrived at the hotel. Heehee.

While I was fine and chirpy and jeering at hubby πŸ˜‰

Shangri-La Singapore is so beautiful and elegant don’t u think? The location makes it even more exclusive and mysterious πŸ™‚

Ok hubby looked better! Haha.

We went up a floor to the mezzanine level and found all his friends and co-workers! Shortly after, the doors opened and we went in to take our seat. It was a small affair with about 20 tables, nice and cosy. We were seated with some very nice people, all hubby’s grassroots leaders at his workplace.

Wedding favors! This was a set of salt and pepper shakers πŸ™‚

There were little packets of marshmallows too πŸ™‚

Did I mention that I didn’t bring my kids? Haha obvious from the pics also right. Times like these are so rare and precious!

The white wine they served, was simply brilliant. So sweet and crisp and easy to drink! I had easily 4 glasses of these! I tried the red wine too but it was not as impressive.

The wall carving behind me. I love their interior, very European and soothing πŸ™‚

The stuff in front of me. This hotel practices portioning of food at wedding dinners, which I don’t really prefer as it’s not the usual Chinese wedding culture. Don’t u prefer the usual pattern where they just place the whole plate in front of u and u just attack it with gusto and happiness with all the other guests!

This was my portion of the first dish – cold appetiser plate. I dunno why it’s so little!! And where’s the jellyfish and greens? Other guests had that and I didn’t? The way they portion out the food was very haphazard and not equal to all – which is really quite unpro. We were like, there’s surely more on the main plate right??

The fish was even more disappointing. We all had similar portions like these. The fish so small mehhhh?

We were beginning to suspect that they gave us a smaller portion so that the staff could eat the leftovers in the kitchen after everything lol. The portions were unbelievably minute!!

But besides the atrocious portioning of the food, the rest of the evening was filled with much fun and laughter as the people I was sitting with were really a nice bunch. As there were no traditional Yum Seng (they just said 1, 2, 3, CHEERS! Lol), when the groom’s dad (whom we know) came over, my table did a 3-time Yum Seng with him and the groom. And everytime he came over, about 3-4 times, we all stood up and Yum- Seng again. So funny. That’s what I call a Chinese wedding!!

This was the menu for the night. Taste wise, I’ve got no complaints. But the hotel ought to train the front of house staff on portioning of food equally.

Hubby and I were glad we didn’t drive, cos we really drank quite a bit haha. It was a great evening, and I’m looking forward to seeing the people again this coming weekend for the Bintan trip!


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