2nd day of menses – feeling sluggish :(

And the super busy day at work made things worse.. Haiz. Both manager and buddy not in office, the new girl still isn’t of any good help yet, so basically I was doing everything myself plus check her work >.<

But I shall give thanks still, for everything. After work I trudged to Marina Bay MRT in the heavy rain (that basically spelt the end of my cotton on flats, yay new shoes?), took the train to bishan mrt, went to Junction 8 basement to get 1 Tao Suan and 1 Sesame Tang Yuan peanut soup for mum and Al. Such rainy cold weather – hot desserts best right!

I'm thankful for the money I have to bless my family, thankful for the job I have that gives me money to bless my family! Haha.

After the massive drinking of white wine last night, I woke up this morning with a congested throat and nose.. Hope it will get better soon. I've been having sinus lately also – must the the crazy weather. I didn't go gym today too sigh.

But I'm looking forward to exercising with hubby soon – he is showing some interest in getting fit and hunky!! Heehee.

Okok time for pics!

Part of my lunch today – blackberries – I love both blackberries and raspberries! So juicy and sweet πŸ™‚

The other part of my lunch – greens. My breakfast was a steamed salmon steak – forgot to take a pic of that..

Feeling bloated with menses and feeling fat with lack of exercise due to sickness – result is wearing loose dress and shawl to cover up everything lol.

I think I’m getting faster at food prep –
These were done in a jiffy haha!

Best looking prawn omelette so far πŸ™‚ and best tasting one too!

Stir fry Brussel sprouts, mushrooms and prawns πŸ™‚ my lunch πŸ™‚

Looking nice and yummy in the container.

Paleo goodness! I read a comment about olive oil somewhere – we cannot use olive oil to cook cos it will turn toxic in high temperatures, we can only use olive oil in salads at room temperatures – how true is that? Can anyone help?

Quite tired now (it’s now 10?) and looking forwArd to an early night. But I need to shower first.. And wash my hair.. Argh.

Oh leaving u guys with something I saw from a church friend’s Facebook wall..

This is like, δΈ€ι’ˆθ§θ‘€ to me.. I have not been convicted nor committed to living a life that God wants me to live. Think there are too many things that take first place in my life, squeezing God out of the picture totally. U want me to be honest?

Now God = Sunday service 10-12pm.

Quite bad eh. Haiz.


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