Today will be cheat day!

Self declared. I have had such a sinful lunch already and guess what??

I have a wedding dinner to attend tonight! So, today HAS TO BE CHEAT DAY LOL.

But lemme share with you my Paleo yesterday and Paleo coming week 😀

I went for my soft rebonding yesterday and was ravenous when I got home at about 230pm. So I chopped a big bowl of carrots and celery and had about 2/3 of these. Filling but not tasty.. Lol.

I cooked a simple dinner last night for the family as well. Mum didn’t like my food cos she didn’t like the Nomu seasoning that has many ang moh herb taste, but hubby and Al were ok.

Did 3 runny eggs with Chew’s Omega 3 eggs – they have super huge egg yolks!!

Did a chicken stir fry with prawns.. Added some dark soya sauce cos Al likes dark dark gravy..

Not very dark I know. My first time cooking with dark soya sauce, ok la… Anyway won’t be doing this much cos dark soya sauce is not Paleo.

Pan fried 2 of the Saag’s chicken sausages too – they splattered so much!! But they were yummy 🙂 but there was one thing – even though the sausage skin is supposed to be edible, it’s very tough (as though they aren’t edible..) so I actually peeled away some of it so Al can chew easier. Shrugs.

And on to my grocery shopping for the coming week’s Paleo meals!

Decided to get more fish to steam than doing stir fry – more healthy!

3 x fish and 1 x chicken!

Bought a salad for tomorrow’s breakfast (no time to cook tonight as I’m attending wedding dinner), asparagus and Brussel sprouts as complimentary sides to my protein 🙂

Trying blueberries and blackberries this coming week, and another box of these super addictive grapes!! Beautiful! Why waste our tummy space on rice or noodles when u can fill it with vitamin-packed stuff like these!!

I just got my period today.. Which is cool I guess, cos next sat and sun I’ll be at Bintan!! 😀


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