Hooked on Heads (Sin Ming) – Food Review

Shiyun mentioned the prawn paste chicken here tastes fantastic, so we decided to have our lunch here today after service!

It’s located at a rather quiet place called Sin Ming Plaza. U may have passed by the long stretch of Upper Thomson shophouse eateries many times but dunno that Sin Ming Plaza is located right behind these shophouses.

Parking? No problem at all – Sin Ming Plaza has a carpark and at 1pm, we parked right in front of Hooked on Heads!

Hooked on Heads was very empty when we went in, I think only one or two tables were occupied. We had the privilege of occupying 1 big round table with plenty of room to walk Am around before the food arrived. Yay.

Al, the big baby, was given a baby cutlery set lol. Hubby at first tot it was for Am haha.

The food came SUPER quickly (cos it was empty bah). This seafood hor fun for Al looks good! We decided to order this for Al cos the adults wanna eat SPICY FOOD HAHAHA. Al managed to eat whatever I portion out for her on her baby plate, and she said its delicious, same as her favourite hor fun at Thomson Plaza’s Coriander Cafe 🙂

Our curry fish head! VERY NICE! Both hubby and my mum said it’s very good! This was just half a fish head, and they added in so many tomatoes and lady fingers in addition to the plentiful fish flesh – very power packed 🙂

Sambal Kang kong – it’s okay, but not as spicy as we preferred.

Belachan chilli paste, which they sell as well. We didn’t touch much of this cos the dishes alone were already full of kick 🙂

And we definitely ordered Shiyun’s recommendation also – prawn paste chicken aka Har Jiong Gai (Cantonese).

Shiyun was right – it was indeed Gai (chicken) with LOADS OF HAR JIONG (Prawn paste)!! U know how many other restaurants sell this but the chicken turns out to be normal chicken wings?

Hooked on Heads will show you how Har Jiong Gai should taste like 🙂 thumbs up!

All of us were very happy and fat after lunch. I ate everything, but without rice. I’m so sleepy now!

U guys should go try Hooked on Heads (google and you will find their website), before they get crowded lol!


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