Jean Yip Hair at Thomson Plaza

I’m not getting paid for doing this – but I wanna say…


before I get into the details, pics first la ok.

This morning before taking a walk to Thomson Plaza. My appointment was at 1045am and I got there right on time, after a ten minute walk from my place.

Once I got there, I was shown to my seat and was served very promptly by both Edwin and Fiona. Edwin had like 3-4 customers at the same time including me, so Fiona and another few assistants were helping him fill in the gap. So firstly, both Edwin and Fiona were applying the straightening cream for me. Then after the grueling wait of dunno how long, Fiona washed hair for me while yakking happily away about her plans for her life lol – seriously this is the first time I’ve seen such a chirpy hair salon assistant! And u know how hairstylists sometimes will suddenly ask if I wanna buy package, if I wanna buy that product?

None from Edwin and Fiona at all. I was sooooo grateful I tell you! Fiona did mention a package casually but there was no selling at all.

After blow drying my hair – I was very hungry already, I had only coffee and a few cubes of papaya for breakfast!

I did soft rebonding and super silk treatment for $188, which I think is super worth it. This treatment takes about 25 minutes and it’s really cool – my hair had absolutely no tangles after Edwin washed it away!

My new hair. Nothing spectacular, but much neater and easier to handle. No need to tie Liao!!

When I was at the cashier about to pay, Edwin asked me if I wanted to take up the rebonding package since I am going to rebond continually. If I sign up a 10 times package, I save about $40 per session! I can take my time to use the 10 sessions – there is no expiry date at all. And what’s more, it’s flexible, I can use this session to do colouring or other stuff as well – just top up the difference lor!

And yup I did πŸ™‚ and I was given 10 packets of Super Silk treatment to do at home! πŸ˜€ the major push factor was the service and fantastic attention given to me as a customer. Edwin actually trimmed my hair twice so it would look perfect. And through out the 4 hours I was there, his attitude towards his staff was very patient and gentle too, even though it was damn crowded and busy. Thumbs up πŸ™‚ the hair salon assistants were also very nice and hardworking!

Happy experience at Jean Yip Thomson Plaza! I will probably do all my hair cuts and whatever there in the future!


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