Thank God I’m well enough to go work.

I thought I needed to stay home today, cos I was having this mother of all headaches at about 6am. Thank God it went away when I woke up at 7am!!

I bought this little dress about a year ago and I already couldn’t really fit, was really tight around the waist and chest area. And of cos I went right in this morning – yay! I’m especially happy about my waist: hips area that has gone down quite a bit – thanks to squats and running.

My weight has crept up to 58.4 this morning (from the previous 57.6 a few days ago). I hate periods!!! It’s like, I work so damn hard to lose the weight and just because I’m a female, I gotta gain it back every bloody month. Literally.

Anyway, now that I’m on Paleo diet, I shouldn’t be watching my weight so closely since I should naturally lose weight.. Just that I’m eating more now.. Feels scary haha. Let’s see!


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